Newsweek Didn’t Find Bitcoin Creator: Shrem

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem reacts to the Newsweek story naming the creator of Bitcoin. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That story has come under fire with a lot of people in the bitcoin and journalism community's questioning whether the reporter did find satoshi nakomoto, the founder of bitcoin.

Joining us on the phone is the ceo of bit instant, charlie shrem.

Charlie has been through his share of experiences with bitcoin.

I know you have been arrested on connections with money laundering.

You have denied those charges.

Let's get to that in a moment.

I would like to ask you about leah's story and your thoughts on whether or not she in fact found the real creator of bitcoin.

Did she?

I don't think so.

Most people highly doubt it.

Unfortunately, the satoshi nao komoto institute as well as many bitcoiners such as myself could have given leah a lot of information and evidence to help with her investigation.

The researchers she has and the researchers we have would've loved to work together with her on this.

The article'sto -- the article's tone, instead of honoring his mind -- rather than approaching the story with tact or respect, it has a shaming field.

Instead of revealing identity of one of the most important technical thinkers since tesla or edison.

This is what she wrote in her article.

If nakomoto ever sells his fortune, he would likely have to do so at a legitimate bitcoin bank or exchange, which would not only give away his identity but alert everyone from the irs to the fibibi of its -- his whereabouts.

Bitcoin is not anonymous.

That's a lie.

All transactions reveal transparency online.

Would "newsweek" do a profile on mark zuckerberg the same way?

Mark is worth more than $28 billion and if he were to sell more of his facebook shares -- of course not.

Creating innovation is not a crime.

I shared with her your thoughts because you and i had corresponded via e-mail.

Here's her reaction.

I'd like you to hear it.

They are very wedded to the idea of him being anonymous.

The coin is so large that we have to stop as reporters saying, it's no big deal who did this.

We need to ask these questions.

I'm ok with being skeptical of certain details, with kicking the tires more.

I think there's more to this and i'm really happy -- i agree -- she is saying you and others in the bitcoin community want this creator to stay anonymous and that is why you would be so critical of her story.

That is not true.

We have put so many resources to try to help find or whoever wants to be involved in bitcoin.

Over 75% of satoshi's original code is not being used today.

I put a link to my facebook saying, i found the real satoshi.

It's the contributors who wrote the bitcoin code after satoshi left.

He's an amazing thinker of our time.

It's a phrase she continues to use, which is connect the dots.

It is a deductive theory versus inductive.

You went to brooklyn college for economics.

You know the logic theory behind this.

If you were searching for the founder of bitcoin, what process would you use to identify them instead of connecting the dots?

First of all, i would analyze the information we have already.

We have a ip analysis.

We have a lot of different things we can use to find satoshi.

She brought a lot of new information -- do you see any of that that you described in the newsweek article?

She ignores an important part and says that satoshi uses double spaces after his period instead of one space.

She gives examples of writing.

Dorian nakomoto barely speaks english.

His writings that amazon reviews -- the guy can barely write.

Well, he wanted to speak to a reporter.

You have to read the white paper.

I cannot even write as well as satoshi did on the white paper.

You have been going through your own personal stress.

You have been arrested in connection with bitcoin.

You are denying the charges.

What is it the feds do not understand what it is about what you are doing?

I cannot really comment on my case at the moment.

It's very new and everything.

I'm really looking forward to the dialogue with the other side , and hopefully educating them on bitcoin.

There are a lot of real criminals out there and i have helped bring a lot of them to justice.

I have been [inaudible] of the prosecutors who took me down for over a year, giving them voluntary information.

Helping develop regulations around bitcoin companies.

There are good regulators.

He is doing a great job by doing a reddit and setting up the bitcoin hearing.

Bitcoin is an unbelievable innovation and there are tons of bad actors out there.

Arresting a guy who has been on the forefront since 20, helping them bring down those bad guys, they just put bitcoin underground.

What will the future of bitcoin the?

-- be?

Is it going to threaten the currency?

Bitcoin is a currency, and what makes a currency have value is this payment system, the ability to e-mail, send someone money or value or even assets.

New projects are coming out where you can send assets.

The ability to send value over the internet, where you don't have one centralized what of control -- point of control.

You're talking about world changing as when the printing press came out as opposed to the church giving everyone all knowledge and culture.

Now you have this ability instead of all transactions going through central points of control, you have the ability of person-to-person sending value from each other.

Forget the ability to be able to

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