New York Times Ousts Executive Director Abramson

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Emily Chang reports on today’s top news headlines on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Rising mobile traffic is helping cisco's bottom line.

A 5.5% drop from a year earlier.

Increased data usage from smart phones and tablets fueled the demand for networking products as businesses upgraded equipment to accommodate traffic.

The "new york times" unexpectedly replaced executive editor jill abramson after just three years on the job.

The company named former managing editor dean baquet as her replacement.

He is the first african-american executive at the paper.

The chairman said the change should help improve management in the newsroom.

Samsung issued a rare public apology and will compensate workers that say they got cancer after working in a semiconductor plant.

Dozens of workers say they contracted leukemia and other blood related cancers after being exposed to chemicals that several samsung plans and south korea.

However, samsung fell short of technology a connection between the cancers and the chemicals used at its plant.

Our lead story of the day.

Google is opening its glass

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