New Playstation, Xbox Consoles Challenge Developers

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Katie Hallahan, game developer at Phoenix Online Studios, explains how new game consoles from Sony and Xbox present challenges for game developers to adapt to their new specifications and which features set the consoles apart. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

You're going to have to overcome when you make games for these consuls.

Iq for having me.

-- thank you for having me.

We're going to have to shift the control seen from the pc and mac to the console and getting a good integration of the controller system.

What adjustments are you making?

That is still in progress.

Switching from -- we have a context sensitive system.

You mouse over something and your options highlight.

We are figuring out how to best integrate that with the directional pad toma joysticks, and buttons on the controller's. -- the directional pad, joysticks, and buttons on the controllers.

They're basically the same with two joysticks, the d pad, triggers, buttons.

What is the difference between sony's product and microsoft's roderick from a programmers was -- product from a programmers perspective?

They have some slight differences.

For us, we work with unity that ports easily over to both the playstation and the xbox.

That is going to be helpful for us.

The control schemes are fairly similar.

In terms of who is going to buy the xbox and the ps4, are there going to be big differences here?

I don't think there will be huge differences.

It will be what system has the game you're looking for.

I should point out, there's going to be a little bit of an app difference.

Xbox one will have come within esp -- come with an espn and nfl app.

Maybe football fans gravitate towards xbox one and hockey fans gravitate to the playstation.

Thanks to both of you.

You make me want to go one by one.

Bill ackman reporting a 10% stake in freddie mac.

We'll have more on that moves after the break.

-- more on that move after the break.

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