New iPhone Changing Carriers' Price Point: Johnson

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson examines the changing landscape of the smartphone market as wireless carriers reveal their prices and deals for the new iPhones. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

" bloomberg west" editor at large -- are we beginning a price war in a saturated smartphone business?

I don't think so, i think the smart phone business is going to a lower-cost point.

It is an entirely new battle.

It's over a new kind of consumer.

The high-end consumer remains but a new kind of consumer for a feature phone which has no features.

Those are for developing nations and here and that is a new market these guys will be fighting for.

How to you respond about digital exhaustion?

After you have your 14 the smartphone and the camera is a camera and you are exhausted.

The first phone is the step up leap, a change in your life and your computing and the way you consume things, the camera that you use, all those things.

After that, it is iterations of the same thing.

People talk about lack of innovation and that is too strong but the first phone is the innovation.

The market share can change dramatically.

Nokia in 2454% u.s. market.

You think it will go up?

Rex i think the battle will change.

People are willing to switch quickly.

One of the morse -- most important statistics is how people stay with certain phones.

In the u.s., we saw the rise of the android phones and say they are more willing to switch more than the users of the apple iphones.

Apple leads in the u.s. but that will be interesting going forward is how much you keep the consumer.

That's because microsoft is trying to make that move in on those consumers for a long time if they can get them.

Julia coronado, when you hear about how competitive the mobile phone market has got over the the last year or two, what is the effect on the u.s. economy?

Is this a positive?

I think it reflects something about the consumer.

Consumers are extremely price conscious just about everything.

We see that in the inflation data.

We see it in cars, electronics, education.

More and more, we see price wars across different sectors which makes it tougher for businesses to keep those profit mansions -- margins.

The 5c is today?

They take orders for the other phone today.

Can i walk into an apple store on friday friday and get a phone or is that a pipe dream?

That's what they say.

Will you get the gold phone?

I don't know.

I don't know if am physically strong enough to carry one.

I will put it in my man back.

G. it was amazing how many men went with that white phone in the end.

Maybe gold will be the next frontier for manhood.

The growth at apple is not just about the success of the phone.

It was about adding countries.

We saw the growth and apple come off when the countries -- there were no more to add.

"bloomberg west," five days per week.

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