New iPad Mini Has High-Def Screen

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Phil Schiller discusses the new iPad Mini and iPad Air specs at an event in San Francisco. (Source: Bloomberg)

For the first time we used it technology that gives multiple antennas, taking it up to twice as fast.

They've also expanded the ability to have broadband wireless access and more places around the world.

Throughout the entire projects, all the things that make a great ipad experience.

The new front facing camera.

Dual microphones for better audio capture as well as seeryiri.

In some amazing 10 hour life that are customers love.

The new ipad air comes in silver and white.

Space grey and black.

It is made incredibly environmentally friendly.

It will replace our top line full-sized ipad, $499. we have an ipad 2. we will keep that there.

A lot of customers like getting access to a full-sized ipad i just $399. ipad air will start shipping very shortly, november 1. a huge list of customers -- countries around the world.

One country for the first time, china, we'll get the new ipad air with wi-fi right at the start.

This is our biggest leap forward ever in a full-sized ipad.

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