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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Haris Makryniotis, Managing Director and Partner at Endeavor Greece, speaks with David Tweed about the start-up environment in Greece and possible impact on unemployment in the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And 25% drop versus previously.

We are not back to precrisis figures.

It does not sound like a lot of companies.

What kind of companies?

90% follow the past.

All that is wrong.

As they focus on restaurant and smaller retail.

Not exactly growth.

Of the good news is emerging of minority new companies.

Startups led by entrepreneurs.

What did they start up here?

Driven by growth the models.

Led by an entrepreneur.

Give me an idea of how big that little startup is?

Last year, 44. there are not too many but they are having every year.

We hope will support, that to be the drivers for the next year.

The comments that will be employed people.

1.2 million unemployed.

You cannot expect -- huge numbers of unemployed.

They can of course change the perception about agrees.

Think about agrees.

That the but, the model for greece.

And some of them really growth and create for the economy to start moving.

I asked tommy about the entrepreneurs were driving the companies.

-- tell me about the entrepreneurs who are driving the companies.

Those who follow the old models will do the new kind of entrepreneurs are similar to international.

These are guys who are more extroverted.

They have worked abroad before.

They understand the business game is the world and not agrees.

What kind of companies are starting?

More than half, he is technology.

This is of course a normal because it is easier compared to traditional companies.

We are also seeing companies in food or tourism.

These are the companies that are receiving funds.

More buyer the traditional -- more about the traditional versus startup.

The roadblock.

Explain that.

Compared to a few years ago -- just one day.

Our hope is one day.

Have a lot of obstacles after the company start.

When you want to operate or launch a new factory, it is still not there yet.

If you start a company and do not have to have a factory, it will be much better?

Yes, but a problem we need to fix.

How we you fix?

-- how will you fix it?

Something the government needs to do?

Tell me more about, you mentioned half of the cons are in the tech and a half in agriculture and tourism.

Give me an example of your favorite startup.

Just give me an example.

I like an international company that produces software for small and medium enterprises.

1.5 million.

It is an example of an entrepreneur that was greeted by the private sector experience.

This is a great example of tech focus but locally based a. harris, thank you.

The us down the number that maybe one day to start a business -- my take away is the number that maybe one day to start a business.

It takes a lot longer in germany.

Something is going right here.

David tweed, thank you.

He is and at this.

Gas prices have a raise in ukraine.

-- he is in athens.

-- gas price have raised in ukraine.

What does it mean?

People talk about gas as a potential weapon for russia.

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