New Broadcom Chip Doubles 4G LTE Speeds

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Broadcom President and CEO Scott McGregor discusses the company's new wireless chip technology on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Today talking about reference designs and turnkey designs for new customers.

This is for smart phones, they will be like $300 and under.

For china and other markets, we did another announcement today on high-end lp.

What is called six k, it is 300 megan bits per second -- megabits per second.

Is very different approach that will make this more successful?

I think so.

I think this is really competitive stuff they we are doing chips in advanced lte, there's only one other company that can makes those type of chips.

A lot of r&d, execution, we've been working on the strategy for a couple of years, and we're starting to see the fruition of this in terms of these tips.

We did a demo with a carrier in finland, altogether doing it in a live network as opposed to a lab.

Is this a live network out in the field.

Doesn't make a difference for customers?

Absolutely, it makes it real, you have a carrier putting their network at risk to make sure this happens.

It is twice the performance you get on lte today.

Lte is much better than three g, and this is twice what lte is today.

I am having a hard time understanding what is going on in terms of the smartphones.

You go into the apple stores, and they make good products, and you're in those products.

The way that smartphones have great capabilities are going very low price, and where that leaves the current producers in the market.

We are starting to see a differentiation of the market.

There's a great desire for everyone on the planet to have a smart phone, and not everyone can afford in a hundred dollar phone.

We subsidize phones in the united states because you paint in your monthly bill rather than up front, but if you buy a lot of those high-end smartphones they cost $800. they're coming out at price points that are affordable for a broad set of the population on the planet.

You're still going to see the high-end super cool smartphones, but it will be reaching more people.

This is so different from the high-end smartphones.

The features that is so different than the low-end smartphone.

Will that difference remained?

I think we'll get defined as a reasonably large display that can browse the internet.

It will have great phone

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