New BlackBerry CEO Pay Package Amounts to $88M

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

A new highs for the markets.

It's time for the roundup.

Stories we are tracking ahead of monday's open.

The man trying to turn around blackberry will get a pay package valued at $88 million if successful.

That is a big "if." he will be paid $3 million in salary and bonus but he also gets restricted stock valued at $85 million.

The problem is he has to turn the company around.

I was thinking when they hired him, how did they get him?

This is how they get them.

If he manages to double the stock in four years, he gets about $170 million.

This is not the only pay package we should be looking at when it comes to black very.

Boorstin heinze getting paid out as well.

-- thorstin hines getting paid out.

The company who wants to take it over approved a large pay package for the outgoing ceo if they were sold.

I sense and experience a theory -- a conspiracy theory.

There is definitely a conflict.

He's getting a $14 million termination deal which is a pretty good deal.

You are lucky to get chen.

He came in at 1998 when they were on a record low on the stock exchange and this old on the s and p for about $6 billion.

He's also on the board of disney.

With his $14 million pay package, he has a blemish on his record now.

Tough words from the new york federal reserve chair, william dudley.

He had choice words for big banks on wall street yesterday while addressing the topic of too big to fail in a speech.

He added in his heart on moral bankruptcy saying, "there is evidence of a deep-seated cultural and ethical failures at many large financial institutions.

Whether this is due to size and complexity, bad incentives, or other issues is too difficult to dodge but it's another crucial problem that needs to be addressed.

Banks are too big and too immoral.

He knows the problems that are rife in the industry.


He also suggested they should be paid and that with returns of how they are paid.

It's an interesting idea.

Difficult to pull off.

It's a tricky balance.

These guys are motivated by economics.

You want to keep them motivated because you want them to perform at the end of the day.

It's a really tricky balance to strike.

This issue of morality is really interesting and it's something that a lot of colonists have hit on.

If the bank is so big that it effectively benefits from an artificial subsidy.

If it's that big, it can borrow at artificially low rates and that's a taxpayer subsidy worth tens of billions of dollars per year.

Two big dude -- too big to fail is a problem.

Not too big, but too complex.

Do we trust the invisible hand to act responsibly?

Not all of us do.

I'm surprised by you, jules.

He is considering dropping the strategy of driving demand for the windows operating system and instead he would push to make office software programs like excel more widely accessible for smartphones and tablets.

It's a smart idea.

Google put their apps on the apple phone.

You can now get black or a messenger.

I'm surprised that he would consider selling xbox.

We talked about that.

Has the company got two big -- too big?

It is the one thing that probably does not fit.

It is the only thing that is consumer facing that is successful.

This is theoretical.

He does not have the job, first of all.

We don't know what it would actually do in that position.

Even if he were in the ceo, there are other people in management positions.

It's fun to think about what might happen.

It's not fun thinking about having exile added to my phone.

-- excel on nmymy phone.

Pop up ads through a speadsheet.

And viruses.

24 hours ago, they were asking who is that girl?

They had a nine-year-old girl as well as patrick stewart to ring the opening bell on the new york stock exchange.

They chose the trio to highlight twitter users everywhere who had been the back tonbone of their success.

It involved into an entire movement to help fight slavery, mkaake a stand.

She wrote a note to biz stone.

You don't have to be big and powerful to change the world.

You can be just like me.

I was pretty excited about patrick stewart.

She was giving an interview.

She was so cute.

It had birds on it, very sparkly.

She's an important person.

But she did not get to participate in that first day pop.

Why don't you give her a nice college fund for helping you promote?

I feel like i'm on "the view" right now.

Did you just realize we are all women?

Everyone knows vienna harr.

Who's the boston cop?

That's what i want to know.

I guess he has a lot of followers.

Buycks i'm glad you brought up boston.

The world series m.v.p. might want to consider a political future when he retires from america's favorite sport.

According to wgbh, he received more write in votes than other people in the mayoral election.

What are we looking at here?

Do you not follow baseball?

He had not cut it in a while.

None of them cut their beards?

None of them did.

The point is david ortiz is so loved.

Enough people actually wrote in wishing he could be the mayor and he came in third in the city.

Also found out carlos danger, the twitter handle for the former candidate thomas actually got two write in votes.

In boston?

Only two people wrote in for carlos danger?

Here's what's next on "street smart."

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