Netflix Won an Emmy... Now What?

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' Paul Sweeney reports on the impact of Netflix on television programming. He spoke on Sept. 23 on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tonight is netflix, the subscription video service has won its first emmy ever when david fincher won a best director award for house of cards.

The netflix original show starring kevin spacey.

Because of who ultimately owns house of cards, the wind may not boost the netflix bottom line.

A senior west coast correspondent has more from los angeles.

Indeed, this has been a big year for netflix and the original series.

They spent $100 million on the first two seasons of the show, it was hardly a sure thing.

It was a big bet without a sure outcome.

The team deserves credit for taking the risk.

Original shows are helping make netflix must see tv.

The service have roughly 38 million streaming a scribe or scott up six percent from last year.

It can provide a further shot in the arm.

Unlike rival hbo that owns most of the original programming, netflix is in the licensing game.

House of cards streams first, but it is produced and owned by media rights capital and licensed the dvd rights to sony television.

If you buy a dvd on amazon, it does not go to netflix.

I rested development is actually produced and owned by fox.

Another netflix original, orange is the new black is are formed -- is owned by lions gate.

Netflix may move in that direction as part of a plan to keep subscriber numbers climbing.

Jon erlichman, bloomberg, los angeles.

The director of north american research, he joins me in the studio.

It is perfect for the role.

The real winners were the cable networks.

They walked off with a lot of the emmys.

The broadcast networks, whether they are premium cable networks, they are investing a tremendous amount of money to draw subscribers.

As he mentioned, netflix won their first emmy award.

How has netflix changed the landscape of television programming?

They have come out of nowhere to be a major player in hollywood.

They bought reruns from the traditional hollywood studios, but they are with house of cards and getting into original programming.

That is a big investment by netflix, a place to come and put original programming on the air.

Netflix is in the licensing game.

It makes its money on original programming, they get paid back by drawing additional subscribers to pay the monthly fee.

The more subscribers they can attract.

What did the victory say to hollywood last night?

If you are a writer and director and actor, netflix is a viable place to go.

Kevin spacey really blazed the trail here.

This is a brand-new market for him.

Before, you will see actors that did not do film.

-- film actors that did not do tv, but an audience is paid to see quality programming with top-notch talent.

As more consumers consume video online, the streaming video is becoming a viable business.

The amazon prime networks, we will see more of them.

This is not your father's -- watch when you want.

The most extreme example is binge viewing.

If you want to watch all episodes in one sitting, you can do that.

The networks are debuting 27 new shows, mont lee -- only four or five will be renewed.

This will be one of the strange traditions of broadcast television.

They launch most if not all of their new fall programming within two weeks.

Only a handful, at most, survived.

There is only so much television that you and i can watch.

Not everybody can see all these shows.

This is supply and demand.

They are bringing too much supply at the same time and we have 500 channels to choose from.

It is too difficult for these shows to cut through the clutter.

What advantage do they have?

Just at this time of year.

Cable networks have gotten a little bit smarter about it.

That is where the cable networks can make their pay and where netflix can also be successful.

I want to talk about hbo.

27 primetime emmy nominations, the most of any network for the 12 year in a row.

It won seven awards last night.

What is hbo doing right?

They are spending a lot of money, the place for high- quality writers to go to with serious production budgets and they put an outstanding product out year after year.

A lot of the talent is really attracted to hbo.

The first cable show to get an emmy nomination or an award was the larry sanders show.

It has been going on for a while but the fact that you have the creative community recognizing a streaming video on demand service that just a couple of years ago was in the business of mailing out vdvd's show the growth of hollywood.

The nielsen service 17.6 million tuned in.

Were you surprised at the strong numbers considering it was up against the steelers and bears game?

Year after year, the big events and what cbs will call the oh, wow programming cuts through the clutter.

The big events cut through the digital media that is out there.

And he shows that you think might stand out?

In bc is probably the most high on their new show with michael j fox.

James spader is getting a lot of promo time.

A-list actors spending their time coming back to television.

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