Netflix Snags First-Ever Streaming Emmy Nominations

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Surveillance co-anchor Scarlet Fu runs down the nominations for the 65th annual Emmy awards, including the first-ever nods for streaming programs from Netflix offerings "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development." She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

We know the lead actor nominees and lead actress nominees.

They did not announce the programs for comedy and drama.

Kevin spacey, the star of "house of cards," was nominated for best actor.

Not a big surprise there.

Actually, it was a surprise because this is a big vote of conference -- of confidence for netflix.

The two big names that came out.

A big deal for netflix.

There has been so much excitement over that show, for kevin spacey's role in it.

They have been lobbying really hard for these nominations, apparently sending out signs and putting signs in private yards and giving out starbucks gift cards.

In order to try to.

Through the nomination.

They got it.

Any other highlights?

In terms of comedy series, we know the best actor right now, the best actor nomination, jason bateman of "arrested development here: that is another -- of "arrested development." so netflix is doing good so far.

The of other hbo stars in the lead actress category, too.

Cable networks are shut out of the emmy's not so long ago, and they have really changed the landscape of television.


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