Netflix Shareholders Set to Tackle Stream of Issues

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman previews today’s Netflix shareholder meeting which includes a vote on possibly splitting the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer roles for Reed Hastings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”


Are any shareholders unhappy or is it smooth sailing for netflix?

It can be a mixed.

Sentiment has definitely changed with netflix since this time last year.

Gone are the naysayers and the short-sellers who do not take subscribers could continue to climb.

They did.

There is a new set of obstacles.

You talked about the show.

The cost of these original programs are not cheap.

They are not cheap to expand internationally.

It is also not cheap to make sure netflix customers can get smooth sailing or good service during the rob and hours.

We have seen them cut deals with comcast and then embark on public battles with comcast and verizon over what the they should be forced to pay for good service at the hours.

Taken altogether and i think a lot of shareholders have the same question, which is, you are dealing with that tough.

Can you continue to grow the prescriber numbers?

Is netflix feels it can, then shareholders will feel the same way.

What will determine if this program is a success?

It is a fun show.

I was watching more los angeles things this weekend, but if you look at what netflix said, they claim this is the most-watched original they have done your they do not get specific on it, but it means they show their heavily invested in it.

Lions gate produces the show and said each episode -- costs several million dollars to produce heard your talk about an upward -- upwards of $60 million in production costs.

Then there is the marketing costs.

Netflix is still trying to figure out how many additional prescribers they can sign up from one of these shows.

I would not they they are exactly clear on how many they get yet.

They just continue to go along the path.

One of the things the shareholders will vote on today, there's living the role of shareholder and ceo.

Will that gain any traction?

It has in the last year or so.

This is also a person who had a lot of flexibility to focus on leading the company.

All right.

Thank you so much.

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