Netflix’s Valentine to `House of Cards’ Fans

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) –- Netflix releases season two of “House of Cards” today. “Lunch Money” host Adam Johnson finds out just what Executive Producer Beau Willimon has planned for fans in season two. (Source: Bloomberg)


California is in the worst drought ever.

In today's wild card, love and money.

We have a special valentine's day top five.

We're kicking it off with what everyone is talking about.

Season two of the hit show "house of cards." the series has been a huge win for netflix.

What is the creator have planned to stay in the winners circle?

You want to talk what you did with season one.

It is releasing all the episodes on one day or releasing it onto the internet is not there.

It is just the story itself.

It motivated us to expand the scope of the series, to deepen our exploration of characters, and challenge ourselves to do better than we did before.

As with the first season, netflix released every episode of the dark political drama all at once encouraging binge watchers, including phil mattingly.

Here he is for the 3:00 a.m. premier sitting with his great dane.

He spoke with real-life d.c. lawmakers about how realistic the show is.

Capitol hill staffers were up watching.

That is how highly anticipated the release was.

Government was closed until 10:00 a.m. this morning, so a couple more hours to catch up on episodes.

The only unrealistic thing about the show is that a democrat to represent south carolina.

That will never happen.

It is great acting.

Kevin spacey makes it look more exciting than it is and a lot more devious, but it would be interesting to see what they do with the new season.

He is probably a composite.

None of us are that interesting.

I am one of the few living americans who has not watched it.

What does this mean for the company's bottom line?

The stock has gone up 160% since "house of cards" debuted and subscriber numbers have risen.

Netflix is said in the same breath as hbo.

That is the company and wants to be like.

A lot of analysts say as long as netflix continues to develop original programming, this is the future for the company and it has a good in with cord cutters and guys that will never cut the cord.

Netflix is doing good.

Could it do better?

Netflix charges very little for customers, seven dollars a

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