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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson previews Netflix's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

The key number?

U.s. subscriber growth.

The online streaming service could add 800,000 to their already 30 million subscribers.

Netflix is also up for 14 emmy nominations.

Nine are for the house of cards.

This is back in february.

This is what an of cards made the debut.

They talked about how the groundbreaking format has allowed the company to grow.

I think the ability to put all the shows at once is the ultimate and consumer choice versus trying to pick is it for episodes or five good enough.

We put them all up in the people tell us what is good enough.

A lot to people would argue that hbo is one of your primary competitors.

The ceo said house of cards was pretty good.

What has made this is we have not just one or two, but we have all these big shows.

It takes a long road to get there.

You would not disagree with the road that it takes to get there.

I would not.

I would remind you that everything moves faster online.

He talked about a 20 year cycle.

Look at the cycle from where we started to where he are in terms of a subscriber base.

It is more similar than what we are doing today.

It is a cartel is in to think that it is incredibly fast.

We have grown the business on an absolute basis.

The viewer concentration is not so enormous that it would move this back and forth.

The house of cards became very symbolic.

In terms of concentrations of viewership, it competes very highly with studio content.

Competing they are.

Here are what the media players had to say.

The fact of the matter is it was improved by netflix and others.

The house of cards and netflix is that content is still the most important to greening and -- ingredient in any platform.

If you are starting this, it was delivered.

Then he bring it to the house of cards.

The play attention to the platform.

The content makes the platform.

This is enough for quite a while.

It is attractive for us and them.

For us we gave our content in an older window.

We were able to get a significant amount of value that is older.

For us, it the window is a way to getting paid again for content we already known and providing additional value to consumers.

Here is what else provides value, offering a show that is nominated for nine enemies.

Kevin spacey and robin wright play the ultimate power couple.

They're also up for best actor and actress.

The show joined a long list of nominees including breaking bad, mad men and the walking dead.

This is what he had to say about creating award-winning shows.

A substantial number of those are 60 plus million.

All of these great and famous and important channels coming into the home and channels that people know and love and cherish, not just ours.

I think it is a big part.

Streaming netflix.

Two things, i guess, netflix has around 30 million subscribers.

The great majority of those are television subscribers.

Most of those have both.

A lot of those find it happy and complementary.

In addition, they are using the broadband pipe to bring netflix to their home.

It is certainly a rich subject to think about how it goes.

It is a compliment to the system.

"madmen" did a seven or eight years ago.

It was surprising because the nature nature of the drama was unlikely.

People were not as one thought they would be.

We followed "breaking bad" and then there is this proliferation of other dramas that were surprising.

Today there is a hole of buttons of them.

Technology, including that which you spoke about, both on cable and via the internet met quality storytelling.

I think that is a little underrecognized.

It allowed people to catch up in between seasons.

It allowed them to do it at their own choice and in an environment that was a little bit more home like a cinema.

You do it when you want.

You are paying full attention.

If you're watching a nuanced drama, you are all in.

You sort of cannot wait.

Tv is totally changing.

The emmys will take place on sunday.

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