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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Lunch Money," super-charge the day, and devour all that's driving the markets: stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, options. (Source: Bloomberg)

. i am adam johnson.

We have the as business video anywhere.

In media, netflix rocking the television world.

Earnings are coming out.

Millions, if not billions, all over the world are watching for one tiny baby.

A humanoid military robot evolves in our innovation segment.

The winner of the tour de france makes the industry very happy.

A true petition exports celebrates 100 year.

Happy birthday.

Let's talk earnings.

We have plenty.

Apple reporting third-quarter results.

Everyone wants to know how the iphone is doing against the android software.

This is big.

Apple may be developing ad skipping technology.

Apple executives have been talking with at least two broadcast networks as well as pay-tv operators.

Netflix reporting after the bell today.

The key number?

U.s. subscriber growth.

The online streaming service could add 800,000 to their already 30 million subscribers.

Netflix is also up for 14 emmy nominations.

Nine are for the house of cards.

This is back in february.

This is what an of cards made the debut.

They talked about how the groundbreaking format has allowed the company to grow.

I think the ability to put all the shows at once is the ultimate and consumer choice versus trying to pick is it for episodes or five good enough.

We put them all up in the people tell us what is good enough.

A lot to people would argue that hbo is one of your primary competitors.

The ceo said house of cards was pretty good.

What has made this is we have not just one or two, but we have all these big shows.

It takes a long road to get there.

You would not disagree with the road that it takes to get there.

I would not.

I would remind you that everything moves faster online.

He talked about a 20 year cycle.

Look at the cycle from where we started to where he are in terms of a subscriber base.

It is more similar than what we are doing today.

It is a cartel is in to think that it is incredibly fast.

We have grown the business on an absolute basis.

The viewer concentration is not so enormous that it would move this back and forth.

The house of cards became very symbolic.

In terms of concentrations of viewership, it competes very highly with studio content.

Competing they are.

Here are what the media players had to say.

The fact of the matter is it was improved by netflix and others.

The house of cards and netflix is that content is still the most important to greening and -- ingredient in any platform.

If you are starting this, it was delivered.

Then he bring it to the house of cards.

The play attention to the platform.

The content makes the platform.

This is enough for quite a while.

It is attractive for us and them.

For us we gave our content in an older window.

We were able to get a significant amount of value that is older.

For us, it the window is a way to getting paid again for content we already known and providing additional value to consumers.

Here is what else provides value, offering a show that is nominated for nine enemies.

Kevin spacey and robin wright play the ultimate power couple.

They're also up for best actor and actress.

The show joined a long list of nominees including breaking bad, mad men and the walking dead.

This is what he had to say about creating award-winning shows.

A substantial number of those are 60 plus million.

All of these great and famous and important channels coming into the home and channels that people know and love and cherish, not just ours.

I think it is a big part.

Streaming netflix.

Two things, i guess, netflix has around 30 million subscribers.

The great majority of those are television subscribers.

Most of those have both.

A lot of those find it happy and complementary.

In addition, they are using the broadband pipe to bring netflix to their home.

It is certainly a rich subject to think about how it goes.

It is a compliment to the system.

"madmen" did a seven or eight years ago.

It was surprising because the nature nature of the drama was unlikely.

People were not as one thought they would be.

We followed "breaking bad" and then there is this proliferation of other dramas that were surprising.

Today there is a hole of buttons of them.

Technology, including that which you spoke about, both on cable and via the internet met quality storytelling.

I think that is a little underrecognized.

It allowed people to catch up in between seasons.

It allowed them to do it at their own choice and in an environment that was a little bit more home like a cinema.

You do it when you want.

You are paying full attention.

If you're watching a nuanced drama, you are all in.

You sort of cannot wait.

Tv is totally changing.

The emmys will take place on sunday.

We will have the coverage that you need to know.

It is right here.

Why would you go anywhere else?

Coming up, we have a lot to talk about.

That man right there, steve:, and what the fec has to say about the company.

We will be right back.

And for a over a news hangover.

Detroit bankruptcy to the hedge fund stars steven cohen.

It all blew up right before the weekend.

Let's start with steve:. the billion or head of sa see capital is one of the most successful hedge fund managers.

He could end up getting banned from the business that has dominated for a couple of decades now.

The sec alleges he failed to supervise two wayward proposal managers and adored "red flags." the sec is taking administrative action against him and taking -- stopping just short of insider trading.

Maybe that is because of this.

They know it is weak.

It is a legal term.

Without that, they know they went to district court.

If the sec is successful, steve: could be barred from lifeboat.

It would not necessarily carry the big penalties that come with the typical sec lawsuit.

It can effectively put him out of business.

He will not be able to manage a hedge fund.

Is a big deal if he wants to live in the industry.

I do not think he will suffer by not being in the business.

Most of the money he manages is his own money.

Rex we are talking about some resolution on the criminal side which is a situation where you read certain terms without a prosecution.

They're saying you'd have to confront it to just managing his own money.

It is a slap on the wrist not to be able to manage other people's money.

The only thing i think these people understand is prison.

No one has gone to risen in the whole financial catastrophe.

That is amazing.

The other big story is detroit.

They filed the largest bankruptcy in u.s. history last thursday.

$18 billion in the hole.

People are leaving.

Revenue is falling.

They will likely get pennies on the dollar.

Pension holders may be less than that.

Your heart has to go out.

There is a challenge there.

They bankruptcy process allows us to do this in a more deliberate and better way where they can handle this.

Dallas rick snyder on "face the nation?

." they have bonds at a premium.

They knew the rest.

There are a lot of things we have to have.

We know that whatever we at is going to be invested we can maximize it for a good return on the investment and give people the kind of services they need.

Leave all this talk about bankruptcy and hedge fund crackdowns and focus on something different.

The uk economy is celebrated as well as taking full advantage of the royal birth in order to pull in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ryan chilcote.

Ryan chilcote has the story.

The birth of the child is not just produce another successor to the throne.

It will add a full 370 $5 million to the economy.

According to the center for retail research.

For british businesses, it is nothing short of a royal opportunity.

You can get everything from royal baby biscuits for just 60 bucks a 10 or four bucks a cookie.

To royal baby books with curiously him -- which curiously sell just in time.

From the royal baby plate to the royal baby mud to the room baby bit.

And of course, the royal pajamas.

Why stop at buying something royal when you can let your child live like a royal income your to the hotel.

Are dismayed by the very companies that design prince william and a whole carries -- and uncle harry's nursery.

Businesses they taken 100 million bucks on booze alone.

This has the particularly good fortune of having kate middleton's royal title.

The even named a beverage in the honor . if you find is not dating, we had just a present for you, royal baby setbacks can be you rs.

Ryan chilcote, the pub.

The robot evolution will be televised.

It will introduce you to a company leading the humanoid charge.

Can you say terminator?

Happy anniversary of the hot -- apollo 11 moon landing.

This happened 44 years ago today.

Here is some footage from apollo 16 mission to the moon.

Enjoy it.

This is a more subdued surface over here.


That is just spectacular.



That is great.

Home again, home again.

? it is monday.

He got a little bunch time.

It is robot time.

Pet man has evolved.

It is time to take a look.

This time he is called atlas.

This has a revolution.

The nose creation, atlas is a step up.

There is nuclear fallout.

This is one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built.

The robot is designed to use human tools incline using its hands and feet.

The military hopes to use atlas as a soldier who would can withstand conditions.

The challenge 17 scientists and engineers.

This will make him effective.

They have arty have the hardware.

Now it is their job to come up with the software i can make at list a truly formidable force in the u.s. military.

Their deadline is this december.

The price for the winning team?

$2 million.

The teams competing for the $2 million prize represent nasa as well as the universities like virginia tech, drexel, and carnegie mellon.

Robots are taking over many parts of life as we know it.

The human element can sometimes be a little anxiety provoking.

Let's go.


The price for what is going to happen to us in the garage?

It can be reused.

I'm not going to worry about it.

It is professional.

I am afraid not.

There is new technology from boomerang systems that brings this just a few more stolen cars closer to the end of the human ballet.

I and the president of boomerang systems.

We are an innovator in on the bid -- in parking.

We can save real estate developers the space.

We are unique in that we use atvs to park that -- to park cars.

These are robots that are free to drive independent of a rack system.

. versus legacy systems, we cause those the rack in rail systems.

They have some inherent weaknesses.

This robotic system was developed to address those inadequacies.

Because they are not on a rail or a track, they're not going to go in any direction.

They can move around each other.

They can pick up the car from the front or back or side.

They can even drive underneath parked cars.

They can change dynamics.

He do not have to worry about anybody being in your car.

It that they're going to need 10 floors to part the cars.

There will still be people involved.

It will be creating more technology jobs.

Owners and operators should like this.

They really have control.

Not just because they are saving space.

That is so cool.

The word on the hill, emigration.

How some of the top political players are feeling about reforms.

It is coming up next.

It is 26 plus the hour which means bloomberg is on the market.

The indices are relatively flat.

The s&p 500 up three points.

Nasdaq up 11 points.

Some of the big movers comes in with earnings and sales that missed estimates.

That is one to watch for sure.

Also watching what is happening with hasbro.

It is the first straight quarterly sale.

Halliburton, with the biggest provider of factoring systems, beat estimates because of demand outside the u.s.. shares are still down today.

We will be back in half an hour more.

? we are streaming live on your tablet, phone, am

Let's take a look at the moving pictures making headlines right now.

First, a six point six magnitude earthquake hit northwest china on sunday, taking the lives of at least 89 people and injuring more than 500 others.

That is according to the chinois news agency.

Other ones include downed power lines.

The government has dispatched thousands to the devastated area.

The earthquake lasted about one minute and had a depth of six miles.

It was bound for north korea when it was stopped by authorities last week.

Along with two supersonic planes, officials also found radar systems on board.

In response, cuba has said the shipment contained a range of " absolute arms being set in for repair." all the way to south korea.

They add the un security council.

The mid suspicion vessel is in the reach of a wide-ranging embargoes.

Apple announced today that the site has been off-line since last thursday after hackers try to steal personal information.

The site is used by programmers who await applications as it works to fix the issues.

Some of the information has not been able to roll out what may have been stolen.

Developers who use a canal face delays in introducing their projects.

Let's turn now to washington and immigration reform.

It is still the issue.

Has republicans in maine divided on the past bill.

They offer citizenship to millions of undocumented people right here in the u.s.. they had a lot to see.

They -- your senator john mccain.

He has been handling this right.

It alienates this.

The broadest one is high-tech, the business.

You name it.

You have to be contacting their representatives.

We want you to look at this issue.

Domi agreed that 11 million million people in the shadows, don't have that.

I think they are terrible.

The consequences from the country are worse.

Are we going to sit around with 11 million people?

Do you know how some of these are exploited?

Pick up the guy in the corner and have them work all day and then say to heck with you.

Call because if you do not like it.

. they have no protection.

I do -- i am no bleeding heart liberal.

My god.

This is particularly in iraq and afghanistan.

The representatives will pass.

John boehner also weighs in on the issue.

This is what they have to say.

I do not believe the house of representatives will pass a path to citizenship.

This is going to grant amnesty.

If it became the law, it will be here.

We are doing this in a common sense approach.

The want to deal with this.

This is stuff the members can do with an grapple with.

The people can get their arms around it.

Congress goes on recess and august.

Mcdonald's disappoints.

The latest numbers on fast food ads coming up.

We have the politics of a different sort.

Belgian has a new king.

It is the seven talking about them over the weekend after his father abdicated the throne.

? we are streaming live on your tablet.

There is a lot going on in the world of fast foods.

Mcdonald's hauling the most after second-quarter profit that trailed the analysts estimate.

The largest fast duce and cited economic weakness saying it would continue through the rest of the year.

Bloombergs contributed -- contributing our fix it he is looking for golden arches.

A brand is a promise delivered.

He cares what this looks like.

This is a good thing to do.

If you do not get back to the core group, they're starting to look for something more healthy.

They're looking for the chipotle freshness.

I think mcdonald's can give it to them.

Betty liu goes inside mcdonald's. she will have an associates sit down with tom thompson.

-- with don thompson.

They get schooled in burgers and fries.

It is called hamburger university.

It is inside mcdonald's all day.

From big mac to the brutal bowl.

Mcdonald's used to be a ache investor and chipotle and till chipotle went public in mcdonald's sold its stake in the company.

Chipotle reported second-quarter earnings on friday.

Revenue is up 18%. the increase is smaller than in previous years.

Carol massar had a chance to speak with the cfo.

There are some companies that are growing as they -- as fast as they possibly can.

We know we can build our greatest potential by focusing on the things that matter most, great food, rate ingredients.

They're hiring great people.

We have a bright future.

The 18% we think is a good rate.

We are not a company that will get too enamored with wall street.

This is how they can -- this is how they keep their competitive edge.

We have a unique food culture.

We also have a new business models.

The way it works is that we do store high-quality ingredients.

It is affordable.

Normally those things work against each other.

You cannot pay more for your food and charge a pair -- a fair price.

We have the highest margins of the.

We think we have a significant competitive advantage.

He also said that chipotle is trying to change food culture by limiting the use of genetic later modified organisms.

Shares are up about 36% so far this year.

The public being firm is taking the digital food repartee to print.

You heard me right.

They spoke with bloomberg and weighed in on the early response.

We have done several different tests with the consumer of a print extension here the results have been overwhelming.

First is sitting on the newsstand.

It about 40%. then we sent out a trial magazine to about 20 million of our existing subscribers and we got 400,000 orders with money returned instantaneously.

This will be published six times a year.

The premier issue is going to be mid-november just-in-time.

It will also create a regular branded television segment that will air as part of the nationally syndicated program.

He has high hopes for both adventures.

This is the way the content will be curated.

They want to prepare.

What you will find any magazine are ideas and inspirations that maybe you had not thought of in the past.

. it will take you to the website against that idea.

The trend is making sure you have the ability to get the content in a way to access that is timely.

There are is still a lot of consumers that do prefer to touch the content.

Food is our largest ad category.

You obviously well ingrained with the major food advertisers.

They are extremely excited about the recipes in the audience but we are only able to reach it in a digital format historically.

This extension makes sense to advertisers as well.

Right now the site has a database of over more million -- over one million recipes.

Pretty impressive.

Time to hop on the bike.

Interesting stuff, right?

This is coming up next.

? phil mickelson calling what he calls the rest round.

It is like winning the british open.

He shot five under 66 and pulled a way to a re-shot win in scotland.

It is his first open win and his sixth victory in a major.

He is the third straight british open winner over the age of 40 years old.

That is pretty impressive.

He may have played a great round of golf but a big part of the story with a lot of the other guys did in the short again.

? ? ... the mail is for a while and it is not have as much suspense.

He won the 100th tour de france over the weekend.

It was not even close.

The last two winners of the tour de france have been british.

That makes the uk cycling business very happy.

I still scratch my head with regard to the growth numbers in the uk and london and the uk overall.

We start having people say to us need to come open one in bristol or bryson.

Adjustment crazy.

This has grown up over the years.

We have this.

What we have seen we have had a great set from it.

The started nine years ago.

There were the little challenges in central london.

There were three projects.

Someday we have gone out to an -- to nearly 600 worldwide.

We are 100% year on year.

We started out this morning to build a place . itcyclists are welcome.

And makes it an easy meeting point.

We have found other people to have a go.

That is good.

I cannot complain.

They will pick it up for the time.

It is really sort of a desirable thing to do.

They can almost be seen doing it.

It is here in the uk do not to around the globe.

It is two months ago.

It is on the rise.

As it turns out, the uk does not just bring good cyclists, tennis players or kings and queens.

The cars also have their own special place in history.

Aston martin is celebrating 100 years and production.

Happy birth eight.

Look at that car.

That is beautiful.

Bwest will take it from here.

Damn globe is leaving the yahoo board.

Here is our mistry meets.

Banishing electronics.

What you're looking at is a microchip that has dissolved entirely when it is wet.

I cannot imagine how they do that.

? is a city six minutes past the hour.

Let's take a quick look at what is trading right now.

With stocks to see green across the board but it is not too heavy in the green.

About a quarter of a percent.

But at what is on the 10 year yield.

Not a lot going on.

Can see the tears on the shorter end.

It is not moving much at all.

Let's talk currencies.

The euro is a little bit string for the u.s. dollar.

Dollars are losing strength versus the yen.

But all this talk, let's look at what is happening with the royal baby.

Let's look at our options update.

There is a shareholder meeting.

We have found a way to play the main.

Their microsoft, you can explain when we talk about dell , we talked about microsoft.

They do have a real role in the futures.

This is not the reason why you're looking at.

Cracks microsoft did a $2 billion cash infusion.

Template dell but you can play through other means.

We do know this is a company that has been on the upsize.

You can see shares did take a hit.

You can see this play out.

Is there a way you can structure a trade?

This is correct.

There's something in the options market we like to look at.

This is a sentiment indicator?

That is correct.

Cracks that is the skew of microsoft.

This is what is happening with the white line.

What is making you think you see options trade?

You have to take it into context.

This is flattening over time.

It is below what it normally is.

Cracks statistically it is not where it normally should be.

How exactly are you going to play for some kind of normalization?

Calls are little more extended.

We are going to have short calls and a long push.

There is a risk reversal.

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