Netflix May Partner With TiVo to Push Cable Access

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Alex Sherman digs into the possible combination of Netflix and cable operators as TiVo may enter the fray to possibly offer streaming content through their set-top boxes and looks at the possibilities of a Liberty Media purchase of Time Warner Cable. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Major cable companies may be on the verge of embracing their one-time enemy.

Netflix will add itself to net -- to set top boxes.

Today there is another character in this story -- tivo.

Alex sherman broke the story and now has more details.

We may see the smaller guys get into this before the bigger guys.

Tivo have been around for years.

They invented the dvr.

One thing they have is their dvr's tom cable connected.

We are hearing that netflix and tivo are partnering up in this way because they are talking with some of the smaller cable companies like sudden link or atlantic broadband.

Rcn which new yorkers are familiar with.

There are a few other ones like table one.

All of these smaller cable companies may add this netflix app and may give people a reason to sign up for cable instead of satellite because satellite does not have the brig -- the big broadband.

Is this a true partnership?

I think there is still a push among netflix to perhaps bulk up their offerings so that they can still appeal to people who don't want to pay for the full on the love cable.

They will still have the eight dollars per month offering.

However, from the cable end, if we start to see partnerships, they are saying that netflix already has 30 million customers.

They will say they have scale and you are probably not going away so let's just integrate you into our apparatus and system and say you're going to buy some content and we will treat you more like hbo.

And original content channel.

Speaking about cable, liberty in colorado had investors meeting last week.

The biggest hands we got from liberty is that they are eyeing time warner cable.

The ceo explains his position and implied that time is on their side and they are watching have time warner cable goes for they make their move on buying this company.

That was the implication.

We have been working on this story for months.

I think it will be interesting to see what happens this quarter.

The implication there is that of time warner cable posts negative earnings quarters and charter keeps posting positive earnings quarters, maybe that will be some pressure for deals to get done among investors.

Liberty owns 27 % stake in charter and liberty would do it through charter and some of the money would probably him through liberty so it is a bizarre deal where the smaller cable company has a market cap of about $14 billion and would be the acquirer potentially of a much larger company, time warner cable, has $34 billion.

This also has to do with other implications.

Charter had net operating costs which can be used as a tax shield and that allows liberty to have the power, the firepower to maybe get something done buying this larger company.

Are we maybe 1/4 away from seeing a deal done?

It depends on who runs the company.

The wrinkle is that time warner cable is going through a leadership change.

The current ceo will step down on january 1 and rob marcus, the coo, will become the ceo and is he willing to cede control of this company just as he takes that position?

There may be some resistance if he does not.

Thank you so much.

We've got some breaking news out

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