Netflix Makes Emmy History With 14 Nominations

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Netflix's Emmy nominations including nine for the political thriller "House of Cards." He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

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First to the lead -- netflix is crashing the tv industry boss biggest party and making history in the process.

The streaming service got 14 emmy nominations this morning, the first time original content may for onlinethe first for an online video service.

Billing has been nominated for tv's highest honor.

"house of cards" scored ninth nominations including outstanding drama series.

Acting nominations or received as well.

Kevin spacey says i am delighted that despite being the new kids on the block, we have broken through and such a competitive field of the outstanding work.

The major broadcast networks were shut out again for the second straight year.

Hbo led the pack with 108 nominations.

Let's get straight to our west coast correspondent, john ehrlichman and los angeles.

What is your take?

Was in the room when the emmy nominations came down and this is important in the story of new hollywood.

There was a lot of energy when you have this announcement that kevin spacey got an emmy nomination and robin wright.

You have to understand that if you had said yesterday that the expectation is that netflix would have 40 nominations, and nobody was going to say that.

Even though we have seen this transition -- netflix is making a big push to original content as well as others, this is the game-changer @ netflix being named that these big awards ceremonies.

In this town are getting the best talent is important to making these great shows, i talked to bruce rosenblum who heads up the academy of tv arts and sciences and is a well-known tv executive and he said if you see more of this netflix activity and yahoo!

Activity and cool activity and amazon activity, the creative types in this town that are making this content say maybe we should not go to the networks are even the pay-tv players.

Maybe we should go to these on demand streaming players and that is an important shift in the story we are telling.

And get netflix does not share any numbers on how many people are watching a particular show.

Do we know it is actually driving subscriber growth?

Netflix will report its quarterly results not too long from now.

If you go back to last quarter, netflix told us that in the u.s., they had added more than 2 million new domestic subscribers.

Going into the quarter, the expectation was between -- was that they would have between one and two million.

There is no question there was an immediate bump.

As for keeping the subscribers long term, netflix would be the first to admit that they cannot just rely on a house like "house of cards." they have existing an original content and as much of it is possible for being exclusive so that you can give any and everybody what they want.

That is what they are going for.

You can have a big show like this and take credit for it but they've got to keep adding to the content library and that is what they have been pushing to

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