Netflix Has Broken Distribution Monopoly: Hindery

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Leo Hindery, founder at Intermedia Partners, examines the impact of Netflix's move into original programming and the way it made the content available to viewers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

He put it best when he said, house of cards was a real opportunity for the film and television history to learn the lesson the music industry did not learn.

Give the audience what they want, when they won it, in the form they want it at a reasonable price.

They disrupted the model, releasing all the episodes that once.

People are wondering if amc will do the same with mad men.

Scarlet fu, you are the gossip queen of the show.

What is fascinating about your commentary is that the distribution monopoly has been broken.

You would know.

I grew up in the cable industry.

I grew up in the newspaper industry.

Here you have this amazing piece of programming available on devices of all sorts.

It is no distribution monopoly.

In the next segment, we will talk about what it means to the fundamentals in the industry.

The economics of contents have replaced the economics of distribution.

Who lose this -- who loses?

Anybody who has pipes and the people who sets too high a price for their content.

I want to get back to house of cards and how can changing it is when it comes to the netflix budget.

Netflix spends $4.5 million per episode for house of cards.

On top of that, unlike a network, they did not have to shell out a lot on marketing campaigns.

A guide viewers to content by using the data from algorithms.

They want to get the nomination from the traditional tv awards.

Which it is the highest amount paid for a single episode on network television.

As a tool revenue stream.

It does not say netflix cannot sell the product -- the program to someone else later on.

We will talk about the booming business of sports television and we come back.

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