Netflix Crucial for `Breaking Bad': Gilligan

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Breaking Bad Creator and Executive Producer Vince Gilligan discusses the success and final season of "Breaking Bad." Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

One show definitely by streaming them the illusion of tv is "breaking bad." executive producer vince gilligan explains why the show could not have aired on a traditional network.

I would have to say, no.

We never really bothered to pitch the show six years ago to traditional -- to any traditional networks.

There are wonderful places to do business.

There are a lot of great shows on network tv.

Off the top of my head, a show like "the good wife" is fantastic.

But typically the network, because they have to broadcast -- hence the word -- they do not get to be as edgy and nichey as cable television gets to be.

It would have been a tricky sell for the network.

For fans of the show who have not seen the first eight episodes of this final season, those will be going up on netflix very shortly.

How important has netflix been in the success of this program?

Netflix has been crucial.

Netflix and itunes -- or the itunes store, i guess, any of these on-demand services that have allowed people to catch up with the breaking --"breaking bad," which is a very hyper serialized show, this technology really -- i don't think it is a stretch to say breaking bad might have been canceled in the second or third season if not for this vod technology that exist now that allows people to catch up.

When it comes to actually building buzz for the final episodes, you played an important role during "the x- files" and you were there for the finale.

What has changed in the ability to build around the end of a program?

The internet.

I have to get -- give credit to it.

"the x-files was what was one of the first to truly benefit from the internet, and online as a place of social interaction and social media.

And since 2002, when it ended , that ability for social interaction has only increased exponentially.

You got twitter now, facebook, all of these outlets, social media outlets that allow fans of the show of "breaking bad" to communicate with one another.

Is it -- it is a great thing for us.

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