Netflix a Friend and Foe to TV Networks: Thompson

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nicholas Thompson and Edward Conard, author of “Unwanted Consequences,” look at the impact of the big Emmy win for Netflix and what it means for its relationship with the television networks. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The tv industry has no idea what to do with netflix.

They are a competitor for all of these other shows.

Also, the tv industry needs it to distribute shows.

What did they do after a won the emmy?

They tweeted to watch past seasons of breaking bad.

They are a friend and foe.

A couple of years ago, they lost leverage of the tv industry.

Now they are flying high.

The tv industry is once again here.

I was sitting here watching this.

Full disclosure that i am brain- dead on this and terrible.

How do they respond?

What do nbc, abc and fox -- how do they respond?

They say we need to respond.

House of cards lined up and ready to go.

They had a bidding process that said who should we go to?

A couple of things those stations need to do.

They need to get much better at analyzing their own data.

Their big competitive data is watching what they like and how they like.

Tv stations need to get better at what they have.

They need to figure out how to get better content and how to present themselves.

Getting better content is always part of the challenge.

Will they adopt the business strategy and release the season all at once for a premium and slowly roll out the episodes supported by advertisement?

They might.

They do not want to kill the business they have right now while they are threatened by netflix.

There is a great point this weekend about comcast and verizon trying to get into the whole binge viewing idea.

The question this poses for cbs and content providers about who they choose.

Do they choose old school companies like verizon and comcast?

A very tough choice for them right now.

To you perceive the netflix want to change?

Are they doing the action where they are trying to keep within the general conforms and rules in series or are there real effort to change?

It is with all incumbent companies that are threatened by change that have existing, good businesses.

You want to hang on as long as possible.

Keep the viewers happy watching what they're watching.

You are terrified there is new data that could undercut you.

I want to bring in the guest host as well.

You watch a lot of television.

Do you tweet at the same time you watch tv?

That is a big topic of conversation, that twitter drives watching tv.

No, i do not tweet.

How do you get the water cooler audience around things like this?

The real question is where is the water cooler now?

It is a lot easier to win an emmy then get an audience.

How many people are watching house of cards?

I know they are impressed by the amount of traffic they have gone.

We do not know.

Are we around the watercooler like we were 20 years ago?

We are not.

The inch viewing makes it harder to get around the water cooler.

There is a small group of people that watch as all 12 episodes the first night.

Everyone else says no spoilers.

People are around the watercooler waiting for the episodes.

You have to watch that sunday night.

You could throw cold water on netflix and say it is very hard to get people to talk about it.

Can they do it again?

We will have to see.

Can amazon and hulu and all the other competitors do that as well?

Microsoft says we are getting in the business of shows.

Netflix success could bring a lot of people to the market.

Rob weiner was out last night doing a wonderful thing.

All of the families gone.

Mash is gone.

What replaces that is a national residence?

Breaking bad and modern family.

Game of thrones replaces all in the family?

Does game of thrones replace all in the family?

No, it does not.

Lexmark are in family is not banding show.

-- modern family is a fantastic show.

I thought it was great.

The oscars are so pretentious.

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