Nespresso, Clooney Push African Coffee Ethics

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News' Thomas Mulier reports on the alliance of Nespresso and actor George Clooney as the company ads him to its coffee ethics board and introduces a sustainability program in Africa. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Well, what an espresso has been doing is getting producers in colombia to create high- quality coffee.

They say that they've set this up 10 years ago.

The call to aaa sustainability program.

They created a new board with personalities like george clooney.

They are interested in fair trade.

They announced that they will be expanding this into africa, ethiopia, and kenya.

Lex is it out was him?

Is global marketing?

-- isn't out to was him?

-- it is it's -- is it altruism?

There is margin to spend more and pay the farmers more.

If you talk to the company, they are forthright.

They are saying that they are to do something good.

One of the goals is to increase sales.

We asked the question to george clooney.

He says that nestle does not get enough credit for what they are doing and that it is smart business.

They are facing one of their most difficult sales years ever.

There are 50 different knockoffs on the market.

The company has not been able to stop that through patent lawsuits.

One way -- i was going to ask you about what george clooney brings to the table.

Obviously, publicity.

If he had not been at the press conference, i do not know if the room would have been as packed.

Obviously the company and clooney have a relationship that has been going on for years.

The ads are not shown in the u.s. most people will make a relationship between clooney and the espresso.

You are out there on issues like politics in sudan.

He wants to rid -- he wants to reestablish the coffee industry in japan.

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