Need to Find Evidence of Type of Missile: Diehl

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July 18 (Bloomberg) –- Former NTSB Investigator Alan Diehl discusses the Malaysian Airline disaster in Ukraine and what the next steps for investigators might be with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are joined on the food -- on the phone by allen deal.

There is a lot of speculation right now.

What sort of picture are you drawing?

If the reports hold up that somebody shut down another aircraft earlier this morning, i guess nobody has taken credit for that either, you wonder if whoever was doing that thought this was another tactical aircraft that were shut down.

Maybe they mistook this airliner.

Indeed, we've had some information from social media us saying that there were these progression rebels who did claim they had shut down a military jet, and then they realized what happened.

They took those tweets down.

What are the next steps if you are an investigator here?

Obviously, we need to get our hands on the wreckage and, of course, the black box.

I also worked as an investigator for the u.s. air force.

I'm sure there are an awful lot of u.s. satellites scanning that area of the world.

There may be some information about who owned that missile launcher coming out of the pentagon, but i'm just guessing there.

I'm not talking to the pentagon anymore.

I'm retired from the air force.

Anyway, get the black boxes.

Obviously, those are critical.

Also, the wreckage is critical.

You would want to find evidence of the type of missile that was used.

That would tie it back perhaps to one country or a rebel group, one or the other.

Alan, we are here again, we are here with malaysia airlines, and i guess the black box is going to be vital, or will it not be given the suddenness of it?

I think it's probably less important in malaysia 17 than it will be with 370, if we ever find it.

I think we know pretty much what happened.

Obviously, by all accounts, a missile shot this aircraft down.

I don't think there is any question about that.

Questions about whether or not the aircraft could have been -- it almost sounded like it was a fatal complaint.

I guess it was a cell phone photo of the aircraft coming down with the starboard engine -- the wing looked like it was on fire.

These missile systems, buk missile systems, obviously have very large were hands -- war heads.

In the past, we've seen airliners, like an airbus had in iraq by a small infrared-guided air missile, and i was able to land, but this is a much larger warhead.

It may have been a done deal once the missile locked on and was launched.

The information on the black box may be more academic in this

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