NCAA to Appeal Judge’s $800M Student Pay Ruling

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The NCAA will appeal a federal court ruling that allows student athletes to seek a share of $800 million in annual broadcast revenue. Bloomberg’s Eben Novy-Williams reports on this and other sports stories on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The judge said college athletes can be paid.

But yes.

It is difficult to say what this means.

It was a ruling that was strong on reprimand.

It shot down all of the ncaa's major defenses in terms of protecting amateurism and protecting competitive balance.

The fact that fans will not watch games if players are paid.

Why won't fans watch games?

The judge ruled they would.

The ncaa is saying that part of why you and i watch college football is because they are not paid and do it for the love of the sport.

The judge said that is bogus.

It was not strong on change.

That is why there is confusion about what this means.

A lot of the changes that she said had to be unlimited, things like raising the cost of a scholarship to meet the cost of attendance, i think that conferences were already going to do.

She talks about opening the market partially on images, name, likeness, that kind of revenue.

That changes things a little bit but is stuff that a lot of congresses were thinking about.

She shot down the ncaa's defenses without instituting a lot of change.

The ncaa is going to appeal.

Who knows how long it is going to take.

If they are being honest with themselves, they are not too upset with what happened.


They lose a lot of defenses but it was a very narrow ruling.

It applies to licensing only.

There are lawsuits coming down the pipe that this could have major ramifications for, one brought by one of the preeminent sports labor lawyers.

He is looking to open the market entirely and not just in this narrow scope of licensing.

There's a chance that this ruling has run applications for that -- has ramifications for that in terms of a precedent.

I don't think major changes will happen immediately.

Thinking about another story, did you read the headline over the weekend about tony stewart?

I did, i saw the video.

"daily news" put it on their front page.

As more details come out, the more controversial this crash the comes -- becomes.

It is a nightmare.

Tony stewart, who has a temper in history, you give him the benefit of the doubt but it looks bad from all angles.

Certainly, questions for everybody.

Questions for tony about what happened, questions for race officials.

You wish you could ask the driver why he stepped out onto that track when cars were going by.

A nightmare.

He got hit by the car tony -- tony did not race yesterday, a prudent decision.

We will see with the aftermath is.

Is anyone saying criminal investigation at this point?

I do not think officials are talking about it yet.

I'm not sure if it is going to get to that point, it sounds like it could.

They are going so fast, it is dark, the driver was in black.

Who knows what tony saul, if he even saw anything.

My understanding is that they were fighting ahead of time.

They had crashed a few laps earlier, i think.

Warder had gotten out of his car, you have seen it before in races.

They get out of their cars.

Tony stewart through his helmet at a car -- not so long ago.

Did he get reprimanded?

They get out of their cars a lot.

Being hotheaded in auto racing is not unusual.

Tony kind of invented it.

We will see what happens.

Certainly a pretty horrible thing to have that happen.

A final note, what about rory mcilroy?

Is he going to unseat tiger woods?

Not yet.

Five days ago on wednesday,

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