Natural Gas Soars on U.S. Cold: Bloomberg Brief

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Michael McKee has your morning brief of overnight news covering the most important global developments, market news and data on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Let's start with the cost of winter.

Natural gas prices are rising freight fourth day.

The biggest weekly gain since 2012. meteorologists predict that temperatures will remain normal through the end of the month.

Gas futures are interesting.

Before the bell earnings are coming out now.

Procter & gamble is out.

They have apparently come in about where they were supposed to be.

Earnings-per-share are $1.18. there was a core earnings number.

$1.21. honeywell is $1.24. we also had zeros.

-- xerox.

$.24 per share.

A lot of earnings coming in just now.

Also, unveiling of a big documentary.

The premiere of "myth." a documentary film maker followed mitt romney for years.

Throughout the entire campaign.

Up until he lost his secret service protection and went home.

Should be fascinating.

Very revealing.

I cast him in a whole new light.

I want to play a put.

That romney his family on election night.

What do you say?

What do you say in a concession speech?

Read what i have here into a sink.

Congratulate him on his victory and his campaign deserves congratulations.

I wish all of the mile.

They face great challenges for america.

I wish them well and getting the nieces -- in guiding the nation.

So they do that?

What is going on?

Writing a concession speech.

What you get is a more human, relatable mitt romney than we ever saw during the campaign.

Teresa bianchi is our guest host.

How do you reboot a loser?

What if he wanted to run for public office again?

It will be difficult.

I think that you saw the more human side of him.

I also think that you saw his presidency in terms of his wanting to be a candidate.

The staff was eliminated from the documentary.

You bet to see the candidate and his family.

You got to like him a little the more.

I'm not sure the fell he really wanted this.

This was not something he was striving for.

David plus is still with us.

You ran the opposition campaign at the time.

Did you know that there was a different mitt romney out there that you might have been afraid of had he been able to communicate to the public that personality?

I think it is his positions

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