Natural Gas Seeing Lower Demand Ahead of Winter

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel and natural gas trader Cindy Wexler put futures in focus with a look at the market for natural gas in "On The Markets." They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Not just at normal temperatures for weaker hurricane season.


That is why we are seeing prices drift lower.

Just not that much demand for heating.

What do you think will be a catalyst?

I think we have to wait and see what kind of winter season we get.

I think the market will drift lower over the next couple of weeks until we start the winter withdrawal season.

Hopefully we will see some colder temperatures.

As long as we do have some temperatures keep up around there and prices do not fall too much below that, i think we will stay around the 340 level.

What about storage?

Will we exceed the five year average?

I do not think it will be an issue.

I think the industry has done a lot better job on cutting back on production.

My other question is the volatility.

You do have the production supply side but a very volatile oil price.

What kind of volatility does natural gas have compared to oil?

They are really two different animals.

They should be related but they are not.

Oil is much more global commodity.

Much more affected by headlines.

Much more affected by natural gas.

We appreciate it.

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