Natural Gas Gains as Forecasts Heat Up

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Su Keenan recaps today's top commodity stories. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is time for the commodities report.

Su keenan has the details.

Stealing the show was natural gas.

It is called the weather commodity for a reason.

Times like this.

The hot, hot the weather.

Record temperatures is expected to last during midweek.

This is fueling demand for power plant fuel.

A limited energy group is high year.

The after the bell trade.

It rose above 104. egypt has been unaffected from violence.

The after-hours trade, retreated to lower volume.

Gold posting gains during the latest session.

We know more about the sharp decline in gold.

John paulson is telling investors it is 65% year to date.

They have 300 million in assets.

Is the smallest at the firm.

Another billionaire taking it on the chin due to gold and mining is a brazilian billionaire.

His estimated 12 lost $30 billion.

Dachshund to have lost $30 billion.

-- he is estimated to have lost $30 billion.

A hurricane is boring.

Not expecting to impact the gulf.

Despite this move, goldman sachs is cutting is forecast.

There is a big debate over the direction.

Bp capital is very bearish.

The gas may reach $5 in a cold winter.

The surplus of the drug prices below dollars for the first time in a decade to come back again.

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