Obama in Estonia: How Will Visit Impact Ukraine Crisis?

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on how NATO’s expanding involvement in Ukraine may change the ongoing crisis and President Barack Obama’s visit to the region. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Live this weekend, what stood out for you.

What do viewers need to know that has changed since friday?

Nato has prepared a rapid response force.

4000 troops that can be deployed anywhere in europe . let's be clear, they are talking eastern europe.

Not ukraine, it is not a nato member, 4000 troops within 48 hours.

Land, sea, special forces.

They want to let russia know that they can respond to anything within nato countries.

That is the last 12 hours.

The president will travel to estonia.

He grew up in new jersey and went to columbia and youupenn.

What does the president of the usa to latvia, lithuania, and estonia?

All he has to do is land the plane.

The symbolism of landing air force one in a former soviet republic.

Yes, obama will give a speech.

The substance so far is the very fact that they changed the schedule and tacked on this trip to estonia.

They are letting the russians know that nato and the u.s. will defend nato countries.

You and others have reported on the intimate relationship -- argues that were deliberately -- between angela merkel and vladimir putin.

She speaks russian, they speak regularly.

What has happened to that relationship over the past couple weeks?

It has deteriorated and it has been slow.

Listen to angela merkel's language, she says russia is the aggressor here.

She has not gone as far as to call what russia has done in ukrainian invasion.

Nato seems to be in this incursion language, obama seems to be more indeed this is a little bit of an escalation.

A note about angela merkel and putin, she is a russian speaker.

In high school, she won a contest to go study in russia.

Putin spent all the time as a kgb officer in germany, their preferred language is german.

That is what they speak, i don't know how friendly those conversations are.

Hans nichols, chief international correspondent, from berlin.

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