Mystery Guest Revealed: Gotham's Top Chef

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March 3 (Bloomberg) –- Today’s “Mystery Guest” is chef, author and restaurateur Alfred Portale. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Let ring out our mystery guest.

Great to have you here.

Qa for being here.

Batman says you would be at home.

You have anything to do with garden city?

I do.

I know the new york times gives restaurant start.

S. yes i do.

Are you a good mixed doubles player?


You are featured about playing tensions -- tennis.

You're a great memory.

You are the gotham restaurant.

Your all friend -- you are alfred.


I know a little bit about your history.

You finished first in the culinary institute?

Right, a long time ago.

I spent a year in france.

And then it took over gotham in 1984. 30 years this month we are celebrating our anniversary.


Over those 30 years must make some dishes that are classic things.

Then the taste change.

Can you keep some of it the same?

The food needs to evolve.

There are a lot of dishes that stand the test of time, but to stay vital and interesting, you need to be constantly evolving and changing things.

We mentioned philadelphia, and also miami.

I recall that you are responsible for creating the new restaurant that went into the hotel in miami beach.

That is right.

Why did you choose a steak restaurant?

I think they wanted a steak house, but they also wanted a gotham bar and grill.

I told them i would do a hybrid between gotham and a steak house.

It has a lot of you to flee composed dishes, but we also have the great steaks.

You have a lot of people to help you covet you have to have an okra strut people to compose with -- orchestra of people to compose with.

It is a big deal.

We are going to kick off with a 30 year anniversary dining series.

I asked a bunch of my chef friends to help out, and we are creating five weeks of menus.

There you go.

Is there any chef you have not worked through?

That has not gone through your kitchen?

They are meaningful to the restaurant, have not gone through my kitchen.

They are meaningful in other ways.

In april, we're going to do a big 30 year anniversary gala.

Again, it is a very exciting celebration, a lot of chef runs their -- friends there.

Is very moment you would have done something differently?

I think what has kept gotham bar and grill so vital is because i truly love what i do.

I love it every day write.

You have a cast of patrons, customers, and colleagues that feel the same way.

We are great to be in new york city.

If you had the one meal at the very end, what would it be?

Peking duck.

That is right, you like it from chinatown.

I do, from other places.

Thank you very much.

It is 56 minutes that the arc of

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