Mystery Guest: `Cinderella' Star Laura Osnes

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Broadway's "Cinderella" Star Laura Osnes discusses her life and career with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

She is also our mystery guest but industry no longer.

How did you move into the world of broadway and musicals?

I always wanted to be on broadway.

I did my first show in second grade.

I am from minnesota.

I grew up theater -- doing theater there.

I did a reality show on tv that cast me in "grease" on broadway.

I have been fortunate enough to keep working in new york.

You were in "south pacific." you had a history of doing rodgers and hammerstein.

My second year in the city.

Then i did a big concert at carnegie hall last year as well as a lesser-known musical called "pipe dream." what kind of training do you go through on a regular basis to be able to play this role every day except mondays ? you will be leaving this program to go and start tonight.

I have a show tonight at 8:00. i learned mostly through experience.

Your voice and body develop the endurance to do it eight times a week.

I love what i do.

I feel fortunate to do what i do.

It is a lot of energy, but i sleep in and drink a lot of water.

I take vitamin c and cough drops to do what i need to do at night.

How is the show doing?

It seems to be selling out.

We're very lucky.

It has been selling well.

The audiences are loving the music and romance and our clever new book that reaches all ages and demographics of audiences.

The original book and music was from a 1957 television production.

Starring julie andrews.

That is some shoes to fill.

There have been two other remakes.

In the 1960's and 1990's brandi did a version with whitney houston.

It has never been done on broadway before.

There are big shoes to fill, but it is as if we are creating something for the first time.

Do you know how long run will be?

Is there something you are planning after?

Most of the principals have a yearlong contract.

I will be there for sure until january.

We're selling tickets through june.

The show is going very well.

The show will be there for a while.

What other projects would you like to work on?

Good news.


I would welcome the opportunity to transition.

I am happiest on the stage.

If i left for too long, i would want to come back.

Can you feel the presence of the audience?


Especially with something like "cinderella." we definitely feel their energy.

With the costume changes, it is one of my favorite moments listening to the audience reaction and surprise.

What about using new technology to reach so many different people?

Broadway is a personal experience.

It is live.

It is not something you can rewind and watch over.

That is what makes it so exciting.

It is palpable.

The audience is only just feet away from you.

It is live.

You have to live in a moment.

Anything can happen at any time.

Have you had a situation where the song or scene was not going the way it was supposed to?

Yes, it happens with regularity.

Our job is to cover it up and make it look like there was never a mistake.

We have had to stop the show a couple of times for technical reasons.

The costume changes are old school stage magic.

They cannot go wrong.

It makes it look magical.

It happens before your eyes.

Do you get used to being in the costumes?

Yes, but it did take a while.

My ball down probably weighs 15 pounds.

I have a wedding dress at the end with the 10-foot train.

It definitely takes getting used to.

We are 170 performances in, i think i have got it.

Do you have any advice for the parents of children or young actors who may want to pursue this kind of career?

My only advice is to keep doing it.

As long as you love it, keep at it.

The right thing happens at the right time.

If you are meant to do it and have the drive, keep doing it.

It is like a cinderella story.

Everybody's story is different.

Even if you are just recently starting to love theater, go for it.

If you have been studying your whole life, keep going for it.

It can happen.

How has your voice changed for the performances?

It is like a muscle.

I worked every night.

I try to take care of it during the day and not talk much until i get to the theater so i have its full at night.

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