My Food Will Kill You: Heart Attack Grill’s Basso

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Basso, owner of Heart Attack Grill, discusses his open stance that the food in his restaurant will kill you and how Americans just need to make responsible choices about their eating habits, not have decisions made for them on what they can and can’t eat. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


The heart attack grill set out on one course of action, and it is simply appalling that corporate america to up their sales has decided to pretend to take another course.

Why i say pretend is that we all know that burgers and fries and chicken mcnuggets or anything else that the corporate fast food chains can throw out that you are absolutely horrible for your health, as is the food i served.

But i am probably the only restaurantseuer in the world unapologetically telling me my food is bad for you and will kill you and stay away from it.

The better move is simply to go to restaurants less.

Not to try to mask what you're really doing.

We are living in a state of nutritional denial.

Mcdonald's and burger king will say, look, it is people's individual choices.

Yes, they have foods that are high in calories but at the same time there are people out there, john, who are going to restaurants because they do want healthier food and mcdonald's and burger king are trying to serve that portion of the population.

My grandparents, my parents, everybody before as brown bag it and we all have the ability to brown bag it.

Let's not get away from the fact.

If you are going to conduct ethical business in the united dates, you don't mask what it is you're selling to people.

I can tell you a very quick story, and that is this.

I am here with the cremated remains of a person who died at my restaurant.

I will tell you something -- he died of a heart attack at my restaurant and i am putting the bag clearly on the table.

I wish that burger king and everyone else will do the same thing.

Hold on one second.

This is getting a little grim.

You say you have the actual cremated remains of someone who died at your restaurant?


Because the entire fast food industry is pretty grim and it has taken a turn to the extreme dark side.

If we are going to start to sell absolute junk and call it health food, call a spade a spade and label it for what it is.

The thing is, this is not the first time someone has died at your own restaurant.

You had two spokes people died of heart attacks who have been at your restaurants.

Is this the way to make the point that you are making?

This is nature taking its course.

If you are going to go out to a restaurant -- whether it bills itself as healthy or unhealthy -- you are going to get this.

The end result of our nutritional habits is all around us.

It is an in -- it is an obesity epidemic killing the world.

It is the number one health concern out there.

I make good money joking about how bad my food is.

But at least i am honest.

It is not a joke, you have people actually dying from your food, john.

Isn't there some response ability?

I take it all right here on the shoulders.

And i am doing so on national tv.

Can't that same responsibility be out there?

When the ceo of mcdonald's stops and says, well, we are going to change course.

No, he's not.

His course is straight to the bank.


my course, straight to the bank.

But at least while i do this, i am able to tell the people the truth and live with a clear conscience that what happened to my best customer will happen -- with a clear conscience that people died in your restaurant, you are fine with that?

I am absolutely honest with that.

Do i want others to die at my restaurant?


actually i want to wake up one morning and opened the door and have no one ever come in again, because maybe the world would have learned the truth.

I can always go find another industry.

I know how to sell things if i need to.

Whether i end up selling cars or electronics or life insurance or anything else, i don't need to do this.

But it is pathetic, in my opinion, that major corporate fast food chains will not tell the truth.

As all i want is a little honesty in america about what we eat and why are waistlines are getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Do you own food, john?

I love hamburgers.

I love a cold beer.

I love a lot of bad for you things.

Now, sure, i tried to do so in moderation.

Not as moderate as i should.

May she or he among us without nutritional sin cast the first stone.

I am not able to cast that stone.

I am a junk food center, as i am sure yourself and everyone watching as is.

-- i am a junk food sinner.

But at least we are honest about what we do to ourselves.

What you are selling, though, is extreme food.

You are talking about 10,000 calorie burgers, you are talking about fries that are fried in lard, coronary hot dog, another one of your items.

The point again is that isn't it better to tell americans that what they really should do to eat in moderation, that that is the way to help?

I don't understand how this restaurant that you own is actually helping the health debate?

The worst type of junk food eater is the junk food eater who does it privately, secretly, and makes their children think that it is ok.

The best type of junk food eater is someone who eats something this big and decides that they are going to vomit afterward and feel horrible and their kids watch it and they say, wow, mom and dad have bad eating habits.

Maybe let's change our way.

Maybe let's eat better.

I despise the fact that we are selling the next generation -- oh, mcdonald's drive-through is good for you.

Anything that comes through a dry drive-through window is something you should not put in the stomach.

I say boldly, don't come to my restaurant, it is bad for you and will kill you.

I was everyone else would do the same.

Thank you for joining us.

John basso, the owner of a heart attack grill.

We will have more with john on my radio program on bloomberg radio, and also in boston on bloomberg 1294.5 hd2. wow, i thought i had seen it all

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