Musk Spreads Sustainability in Tesla Patent Sharing

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on the move by Tesla Motors Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk to give away his patents that promote sustainability, as long as they are used by companies in good faith. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

To tesla's patton.

He is giving them away for free.

Hans nichols is here to explain.

Is there some kind of business case for this?

He wants to have an explosion of technology to have these electric cars the future.

Giving away the patten patents will help accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.

Olivia, i want to be in a position where i can talk about the intellectual land mines i lay behind me.

Maybe i will lay a bunch for you and when you are done, you will not know when you will be tripping all over them.

Patents are an important part of business.

They are building gig of factories -- giga-factories.

Tesla wants to be the leader and they have made the calculation that sharing their intellectual property will not slow them down.

I have full faith in you after you filed the story about how to dress to get into berlin's hottest nightclub.

Sticking with tesla, how me patents are we talking about?

Normally they lock these up involves and would never give them away.

Are these just a few patents or is he giving up the whole crown jewels?

He is on the smaller ends.

He has 160 patents.

By comparisons, ford and gm, some of their patents are older.

They are in the 6000 range.

The leader is samsung.

They have 47,000. apple is about 4700. microsoft, just soft of 2000. tesla does not have a lot.

They're saying they're going to give them away and we will see if it works for the business model.

Thank you, hans nichols.

Let's turn to films.

From "star wars" to "pulp fiction" samuel jackson is the

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