Musk's SolarCity Planning Gigawatt Panel Factory

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Jonathan Ferro, Julie Hyman and Eric Chemi wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Will started off.

Bill and hillary clinton have long supported an estate tax to prevent the u.s. from being dominated by inherited wealth.

But here's the thing, you have to practice what you preach.

They actually do not necessarily want to.

Pay it.

They created residential trust in 2000 10 and shifted ownership of their new york house into them.

The move is thought to save the clintons hundreds of thousands of dollars in state taxes.

You could say a lot what they're doing a straightforward stuff.

Everyone is focused on their state tax.

If you're out there saying we should not have these loopholes, and people should pay more, then you have to practice what you preach.

She is talking about running for office.

You know what she will run on, wealth distribution and inequality.

When she was in the white house, but she afford the mortgage?

They brought this out about the budget, and then they claim taxes for parliament.

Give me a break.

She also was quoted in the book is basically saying they were pretty financially desperate when they left the white house.

I am sorry, but if you've been the president of the united states, those speaking gigs atdd up.

General ulysses s. grant was actually truly broke after he was president.

Mark twain paid him a lot of money for his memoirs.

He was writing until the day he died to pay back his debts.

And could have been so much worse for her.

Solar city is expanding manufacturing.

The largest shareholder of course is elon musk.

The move essentially mirrors a veggie he is following with tesla, trying to control of much of the supply chain as possible.

Solar manufacturing is not a good business.

We have seen prices collapse, which has been beneficial to solar city.

They now control 25% of the solar industry.

It is better for him to get it now when it is cheap, because 10 years from now if his main company knows well, then all solar companies will do well.

The acquisition of these panels is higher than the company average -- the industry average.

They do not actually make them yet.

He is buying the technology.

He owns over $1 billion worth of solar city stock.

The ceo of solar city is pretty happy about that.

I want to point out, you do not want to miss it because he will be coming up on taking stock.

Let's move on to the world cup.

Team usa beat ghana last night.

We have some new protections.

-- predictions.

They have a 50-50 chance of getting out of this next stage.

The u.s., by beating ghana, they took care of business in their easiest game.

The next immigrants portugal will be harder.

And there's only 21% chance of winning.

If they had lost against ghana, it would have been over, so now they are doubled from 26 to 50%. they could tie against portugal, lose against germany, and walk away.

The order of the schedule matters.

If they play germany first, they would've surely lost and found themselves behind.

It is interesting to see how it all plays out and that one win can set you up.

Gonehana actually wanted all of their businesses to stop using so much electricity so the game would not cut out while they were playing.

Solar would help.

Under armour is virtually absent from the world cup.

There are only two athletes it is sponsoring because nike and adidas are so dominant.

It wants to do more internationally.

This would have been an opportunity, but it is tough when nike have such a big presence.

All of these little business stories -- those companies have not been exposed as much.

But if you're a smaller company come a homage money can you put it -- company, how much money can you put in?

Product endorsement, even though the biggest hole sports deal in history, or sponsorship of notre dame, under armour still has their place.

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