Mursi Demands Military Withdraw Ultimatum

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi called on the military to withdraw an ultimatum that he resolve the political crisis gripping the country or have the army impose its own plan, signaling he will stay on in the face of mass protests seeking his ouster. Yang Yang reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- tahrir square.

Good evening.

The egyptian president addressed his divided nation and admitted to mistakes and vowed not to resign and said he would be willing to pay his life to protect the legitimacy of his election.

The military's ultimatum runs out by the end of tomorrow.

The associated rest is reporting the military has already drawn up a plan to suspend the countries islam a cost tuition debt islamic constitution.

Tonight, he urged egyptians to keep protests peaceful and wants to keep the door open to dialogue.

Americans are warned to avoid areas where demonstrations may occur.

The death toll in these clashes has now reached over 7100. what happened?

I believe the death toll is around 700 and 10. what should we expect?

More violence and bloodshed?

That is where we do not know.

The egyptian military has been careful to call this -- to not call this a coup.

It is an ultimatum.

They have not said what they will not do.

It is not clear what would happen once the ultimatum clock runs out.

Fears of a civil war are not growing.

At least for the time being, it will not be president morsi.

Thank you.

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