Murdoch Tweets: The Gift That Keeps Giving?

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Artist Michelle Vaughan explains how she turns Rupert Murdoch's tweets into greeting cards. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Michelle vaughan.

Let's talk about the connection between twitter and greeting cards.

How did you get connected with the world of online exposition and turn it into the world of greeting cards?

I began with a project called 100 tweets.

It was a major project where i handset 100 different tweets that i chose and exhibited them on 11 x 14 paper.

It was a huge exhibit.

From there, i moved onto greeting cards.

I felt that rupert murdoch's tweeting lends itself to greeting cards.

He has been a prolific twitter follower.

But step back.

Your background as an artist.

How did you come to this of using twitter as a original material for some of your expressions?

I am a twitter addict.

I love following journalists.

I follow artists and writers.

When i was evicted and going through twitter often, i thought this would be an interesting marriage.

It is very high-tech and tweets disappear in the feed.

This was a way that i could take the tweets and make it permanent.

It is very low-tech way.

It takes hours and hours.

What is the scale?

You cannot just flip the switch and create hundreds of thousands.

Tell us about the scale of the business right now.

The project has been very successful so far.

When i launched an online, i had 30,000 hits.

That is amazing for an artist.

That was exciting.

I have sold quite a few already.

Now they are in a gallery space downtown.

This has moved from online to the off-line world.

Now we are back into analog.

[laughter] how did that happen?

Someone was interested in taking the project and showing exclusively in a store.

Where some of your influences as an artist?

For something like this, i look to artists like william hog gart, and 18th-century british artist.

Also a cartoonist in some ways.

A cartoonist.

He was extremely talented.

He looked around at society and politics and make art about it.

What do you want to do next?

I am planning on continuing with the perhaps more murdoch tweets -- i am very interested in murdoch as a figure.

I will probably continue.

What has he contacted you are purchased any of the cards?

They are not necessarily controversial tweets.

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