Murdoch Not Done With Fox-Time Warner Pursuit: Ross

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Wilbur Ross, chairman of WL Ross & Co., weighs in on Twenty-First Century Fox’s offer to buy Time Warner. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It's a very logical thing for murdoch to do.

I agree with your other speaker.

The real question is, just as in pharmaceuticals, everybody is getting for everybody else.

You wonder if this will start a feeding frenzy.

You see comcast and time warner cable.

And you have got -- dish might be a possibility there in terms of being in play.

Does it look healthy to you?

Does look like it is being done for reasons or out of desperation?

The murdoch bid for time warner was a logical thing.

I do not think anybody could say it was a silly idea.

It's a very good idea.


It is good because you do need to become -- it is good because you do need the consolidation of content to be a fair match against the consolidation of distribution.

Everything is getting bigger and more global and everything is getting more instantaneous.

The interesting question is if cnn were to be spun off, who is a logical buyer?

It is a different kind of content.

Shows like yours or many fox shows depend on interviews with particular people.

Not just world events.

A structural problem with cnn, it has been a passive recipient of input from the outside.

Do you think this would get by regulators?

If they agreed to spin off cnn, i do not see why not.

Comcast and time warner cable, that deal is not done.

That has to go through regulatory scrutiny.

It makes me think from the wilbur, talking about media consolidation and companies getting bigger, don't you think regulators are going to say wait, what about the independents here?

I don't think there is any proof that large companies in the media business have staffs that are any less independent than before.

I don't think there is any evidence of that.

You know rupert murdoch, you have been with him at sun valley many years.


What is he like as a dealmaker?

He is very determined, smart, and focus.

When he gets into something, he does not go away so fast.

Would you advise him, being that he got rejected the first time around?

He may not be happy to have that in public today, but what would you advise him?

It took him a while to get "the wall street journal." look how determined he was there.

Look how clever he was and the way he maneuvered through the family and the intricacies of it.

I do not think this story is over by a long shot.

Stay with me, more about the m&a environment, wilbur roth.

Bank of america out with results, second-quarter profits slid at the country's second-biggest bank.

They spend 4 billion dollars on litigation costs.

Herewith a breakdown, erik schatzker.

What stood out for you?

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