Murdoch Is Said Open to Offer $75B for Time Warner

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Twenty-First Century Fox is willing to pay more than $85 a share for Time Warner, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, a sign Rupert Murdoch is undeterred after being rebuffed in an initial offer for the media company. Vanity Fair Contributing Editor Sarah Ellison speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Book "war." the dow jones takeover was something rupert murdoch boards for years on.

Could he use some of that as a playbook to get time warner here?

If you look at the structure of time warner and the emotion that is around time warner, it is at a much lower level of emotional attachment that the people who are running this company than those who were running dow jones and the wall street journal.

In some ways it is easier, even though it is a much bigger deal, it is easier to make.

The notion that they rejected the bid, and a company would do that, no one takes the first offer.

He is going to bring pressure here.

In part of their statement this morning, i am talking about 21st century fox, they said we would be willing to pay more than 85 dollars a share.

That signals to you that they are willing to go back again?

Just the first step, just the opening gambit.

The fact that it was in "the new york times means it is game on for public pressure and lobbying.

We have seen him make audacious bids in the past that no one thought were going to go through.

This is the kind of situation where we are sort of and for a ride here.

We will hear a lot from him and a lot more from time warner.

Time warner will have to justify their strategy of standing alone . shareholders always like to be able to have their coffers and cashing out.

That -- i think that just bewkes will be under pressure.

Now they say his company is in play.

We have been reporting and washington's deal between rupert murdoch and dow jones, some people said this will cement his legacy.

This was the big cherry he wanted.

Who knew he wanted more?


He said this is not the last of the big mergers murdoch is going after.

The reason that reporters and people who watch him found him endearing, just when you count him out he is coming back to make another huge deal.

People thought he was going to buy dow jones, sit around, retire, and read "the wall street journal.

Here he is with a big, bold offer.

He has built up his reputation, deservedly, over the years, as an aggressive dealmaker and someone who really can go after things.

It is ironic and funny, as somebody who wrote about the dow jones author and thinking he was 80 years old then, thinking that was going to be his twilight and here we are, talking about him again with a bigger deal.

The thing that is different about this, there is no family that is controlling time warner.

There is no one that has had 100 some years of an emotional attachment to time warner.

This is a company that has a regular board and they're going to play this game.

Author sarah ellison, wrote "war at the wall street journal." producer prices cannot moments ago, inflation continues to be pretty modest.

S&p futures up .5%. coming up, mario gabelli will weigh in.

He's been a big supporter of rupert murdoch.

We will be back in a few minutes.

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