Mulberry FY Pretax Profit GBP14M

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June 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mark Barton and Anna Edwards report earnings for British luxury goods maker Mulberry on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And first let's get some breaking numbers from the british luxury handbag and other things maker.

That is mull bury.

-- mulbury.

Full-year basic e.p.s. 14.5 pence and a gross margin of 63.3 pence and revenues of 163.5 million pound for the full year.

That was 164 million is the sales figure being quoted and the estimate for 164 million.

So in line with estimates there on sales.

Full-year pretax profit 14 million pounds.

They're talking about double digit declines in wholesale sales.

For 2014 and 2015. and of course any negativity around these numbers was well flagged.

This is a company that's had two profit warnings at recently back in april.

They had the second of those profit warnings in less than three months.

And we of course in march heard that the c.e.o. was leaving.

That's bruno giro who tried a new stratty for mulberry and tried to increase prices and take the luxury handbag maker in that direction.

He spent two years at the helm of the business.

The stock fell two thirds in value during his tenure.

So that leaves this business currently with no c.e.o. and no creative director.

And these are the numbers that we're getting through from the company.

We'll see how that one trades a little bit later on.

And we'll see if we get an update on management of the business.

That warning in march sent its shares down by 25% itself.

And this is the stock as you say that the last two years, has lost a big whack of its value.

The world cup begins today as if you didn't know.

Host nation brazil plays croatia in the opening match.

Organizers have faced

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