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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Miles Penn, co-founder and CEO of MTailor, explains how the company designs custom shirts from your phone. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Cofounder is here in new york to tell me more.

Thanks for being here.

When i read about the idea that people have this problem of an ill fitting shirt i thought, if you are that specific about it, you go back to the shirt maker or the tailor and they make the measurements.

But then i read that your technology can take measurements even more accurately than the human being.

Tell me about it.

We are 20% more accurate than a professional tailor.

We have done a lot of math and science on that.

Unlike going to a tailor multiple times, for us it takes less than five minutes.

This is something on your mobile device.

Assuming this is for ios -- iphone and ipad right now.

Android, you have heard about them.


What goes into the technology?

You put your phone down, you stand far enough away to fit inside the camera and do one spin, and the software does everything else.

It can be that accurate?

We brought in a bunch of tailors and went head-to-head with the tailors we brought in and work 20% better.

Are you able to translate that into an actual shirt?

Do you have a facility?

We tested with a lot of manufacturers before we settled on one that makes shirts i like wearing and uncomfortable selling to customers.

What are some of the basic changes people have noticed after getting fitted with a shirt using this mtailor technology?

Your classic is somebody going to a wedding you need the right shirt and never had something look good.

But what is a lot more surprising is we sell a lot of custom flannel shirts, especially in san francisco, which is not something i imagined, but now i have one and i love it.

You say it is a hit in san francisco.

Different geographical tastes.

We also do on talked -- untucked shirts.

We see a huge popularity in those as well.

What fabrics are available?

They are all 100% cotton.

Everything from 50 to 70 threadcount to 140. everything from flannel to broadcloth.

Anything you want.

How much do these shirts retail for?

Almost all of them are $69, which is really a steel if you have ever tried to get a custom shirt before.

In using the technology, are there ways in which you can customize the results from this application?

Maybe you don't want something that is so formfitting.

That's something people get confused about, that custom means really tight.

Custom means whatever should fit you well, and if we don't mail it on the first sure we will remake your shirt for free.

If you want a bigger chest or lose her arms, we will do whatever makes you happy.

It is your shirt.

What made you want to get into the shirt making business?

I grew up with two sisters who always got me into close.

-- clothes.

When i was working at goldman sachs, i needed a well tailored shirt, and you and about how much people care.

I also did not want to spend $150 or more on each shirt.

So from that, me and my cofounder really came up with technology to solve that problem.

And the shirts are just the beginning.

We will do suits, pants, any part of your wardrobe should the custom to you at a reasonable price.

How does the technology adapt to changing shape of the individuals?

It really depends on what time of day you take the measurements, what time of the year.

If you had a little fun on vacation you might not have the same physique you have when you go back.

Definitely, unlike going to wait a -- roto a tailor, it is five minutes.

If you need to get remeasured you are in and out before you know it.

Is there a minimum order?

One shirt.

For $69. and if you don't like it, we will remake it for free or give you a full refund.

What shirts what i find in your closet?

All mtailor shirts.

How many?

Right now i have seven or eight, but i get a lot of samples.

So i probably have a lot more of those.

How about for women as well as men?

Is there an opportunity?


We just started with one product.

Like i was saying, women's is a big market and we are excited to get into that.

How about raising money?

We are actually in y-combinator, a start celebrator in california.

That will start raising money soon.

As far as the combination of great fit but also the experience with tailors, is one exclusive to the other?

A tailor is an personal thing.

Is this meant to complement that?

I don't think we will ever replace that, a guy who knows you well, but for most people that is not a realistic option for getting shirts.

So we are bringing a lot of experience to the rest, dem

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