Mozilla Releases New Tool for Internet Tracking

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- "Bloomberg West" Host Emily Chang updates the latest news stories. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is called lightspeed.

They can say how they're moving around the web.

Hbo is no longer for rhenium cable subscriber rolls.

Comcast also offers it and the streaming service in a basic passage called internet plus.

The offers local tv and internet and hbo for a starting price of $40 a month.

In a statement that hbo gave out -- a smart phone made by the motorola unit, they have cut the price in half.

It allows users to create a custom phone.

It costs $100 with a contract.

At&t drop the price of a higher moto cx.

Apple is making a push into emerging markets.

There are 35 countries, including russia and taiwan and south korea.

It has been a key stronghold for them.

There was a jump in profits.

How can awful -- apple find

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