Mozilla CEO Quits Over Support for Gay Marriage Ban

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April 4 (Bloomberg) –- “Out on the Street” Founder Todd Sears discusses CEOs coming under fire for their stands on LGBT issues. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It seems as though people basically said, this is unacceptable.

He made a small donation -- $1000. it banned gay marriage in california but had the potential to rescind thousands of marriages.

This was 2008? it was made public in 2012. there was some firestorm around that at the time.

It died down because he was able to say that his personal donation shouldn't have any impact on his job which people at the time actually believed.

What changed in the court of public opinion?

We have seen the majority of americans change their viewpoint from 2008 and now.

The majority did not support marriage equality or nondiscrimination for gay and lesbian people.

It has complete leaflet and is now i sack the opposite.

You can't be the ceo of a major company and support something that goes against constitutional state marriages.

There is a corporate culture that says lgbt inclusion is vital to the company.

And yet, the new ceo coming and actively worked against it.

That may have been the problem.

Wait a second, we stand for something.

The noises around prop 8 and the one donation.

Let's talk about that for a minute.

The majority of the country may be shifting their opinion.

There are states that have some kind of amendment prohibiting marriage as between people of the same sex.

The majority of america seems to still take issue with this.

A lot of people say this is just him expressing his free speech, his own political well.

Why should he be fired?

He wasn't fired.

He stepped down voluntarily.

If he is the ceo of a company charged with promoting inclusion in the office, how can he say he is promoting inclusion while funding discrimination?

Is part of the social media?

And just catch on.


You said 31 states, those laws were passed five, 10, 15 years ago.

While the laws are still on the books and it could change.

A lot of the attorneys general in the states do not actually have to enforce those bands as he thinks they are unconstitutional.

I think we will see all of those shifting.

But i think it is incumbent on the ceo to represent the values of his or her company.

We have been talking about this a lot.

Business affecting change.

Business is getting together in arizona to have the governor veto a bill that effectively would discriminate against gays and lesbian people.

We saw the parades on st.

Patrick's day wear big sponsors were pulling out.

Is there an example -- is this an example of business having a voice?

As you said in the intro, it was the employees.

Employees and business.

If your customers are upset by this -- economic impact to discrimination.

Ok cupid, huge.

If your customer base see this as a negative, it will impact you.

What about those that do not see it as a good thing echo is not just about gay marriage.

The train has left the station in so many ways.


You can't hide behind any longer.

Ask if your company stands for one thing, you have to represent those core values.

If he had worked for cement companies, would this not have mattered as much.

Dan cathy, chick-fil-a. very vocal against gay marriage.

Not an issue because it is not a core value of his company.

Target is one company that comes to mind.

Target made a donation to their pac to their candidate for minnesota state legislature that was anti-gay marriage.

The candidate was great on a lot of business issues.

She pulled it.

A revenue loss for them.

And the pr disaster as well.

Thank you for joining us today.

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