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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Dana Loberg, co-founder and CEO of MovieLaLa, discusses the company's socially-designed platform for movies with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Network built to connect movie lovers with movies and their studios.

The chief executive officer dana loberg joins us from san francisco.

Explain, what is movie lala and how does it fit into the world of movie marketing?

Movie lala we are building a socially design platform for upcoming movies.

We believe that nobody has built a critical social layer two upcoming films, finding friends to go to movies with.

On the back and we are collecting data and analytics for studios to know who is watching their films, who the most influential person is when it comes to people who want to go to movies.

Effectively studios spend a lot of money marketing their films, and they still do a lot of traditional marketing, which could be tv commercials, print ads, advertising, and nobody has really built the data and analytics and pulls to look at that market fish only online.

Has it been a challenge to get the studios interested in this or are they all over movielala?

Luckily, we have been building up the relationship with the studio since we first started in august 2012, so i feel studios are very open to hearing what we are building because they know they need to be increasing their -- decreasing their marketing costs because they still see the crime rates over the past 10, 20 years.

Nobody has really been able to build a tool to help the market online more efficiently.

Dana, you managed to raise some capital recently?

I have, yes, we have very, very big investors, both in silicon valley and los angeles.

We have only mentioned a few of the smaller ones, the former warner bros.

President and ceo of yahoo!, we have larry, the lead investor, and adam nash of greylock eir.

We have bigger ones that we are going to be sharing coming up soon when we launched on the ipad in 2014. what is dana loberg favorite

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