Move Over, Siri...Cortana Is Here!

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft renewed its push to catch up with Apple and Google in mobile devices, unveiling updated Windows Phone software with voice-search features and offering it for free for small phones and tablets. Cory Johnson has more on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Announcement, the second in two weeks.

In san francisco no less.

Last week, they announced the iphone apps for the ipad.

A big deal for them.

Also admitting that their software needs to be faced -- to be placed elsewhere other than microsoft operating systems.

Build their apps for microsoft products and apple mobile products to new phones and new capabilities.

A siri-like voice control for the phone.

Let's talk about the name.

It has a link back to video games.

Back to the very successful halo videogame that microsoft produces in-house.

It is a siri-like product.

I think it is called cory.

It's not really called cory.


There is enormous change possible in this business.

We saw a nokia with a dominant u.s. market share in 2005 and now they are not a player at all.

A lot of change will happen in a short time.

This is a period of innovation.

I am the first to be critical of these things.

But the microsoft operating system on apple phones is huge.

People seem to like it when they have it.

Tech changes so quickly, so rapidly.

You look at a company like lack

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