Moto Math: Profit or Loss for Google?

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson looks at Lenovo's deal to but Motorola from Google. (Source: Bloomberg)

And finally in sports, pro football.

Dan reeves oh has the big job, but not everybody gets to be top dog.

All right, what everyone is talking about, a big deal.

Google is selling its motorola handset business less than two years after buying it.

They agreed to sell it for lenovo for just under $3 billion.

Remember, google bought them for $12.4 billion.

Hold on a second.

It is now selling for 2.9 billion dollars.

That sounds like a huge loss.

Hubel has already sold the set-top box business but would keep some of the patents, some 2000 patents and the trademark portfolio all going over to lenovo.

Ok, there are some numbers over there.

Does anybody have an envelope?

At of the envelope, this is my personal stationary, and there is the math, and they're all all sorts of sources for this coming and we have got the $12 number.

Take out cash.

Take out set-top, and there is the value of the patents.

Then you have got the tax losses, carried forward, and here you have got the cocktail party in dominoes and all the other expenses, and you come out with actual profit.

So what you are saying is that google did not lose money on this.

No way.

And this is a good deal?

What i am hearing is that this is a really good deal for google.

Ok, a good deal for google.

Ceo larry page spoke yesterday on the webcast.

A great product base that we have been focusing on with strong leadership at low novo.

They have the expertise and track record to scale this into a major player.

They have got a lot of experience.

Ok, so a positive larry page, reserved, but still positive after the deal was announced.

Let's get another perspective, the pros and the cons.

This deal basically happened because of intellectual property, a threat of litigation.

They wanted the patents.

They wanted the patents.

Selling the patents to other people, maybe suing google, looking at windows mobile, so in that dimension, the acquisition was a success, but they also really had some big rings for motorola.

They got in a longtime executive to run it, another they brought in to motorola, and the phones were interesting, but it never really achieved promised that they had for it.

At was rad stone.

He mentioned the ceo of motorola mobility who was brought into pump in some energy, and we caught up with them at the consumer electronics show.

That was in las vegas, you might remember, a couple of weeks ago.

We are trying to build a brand around lenovo.

People did not have a brand that could impede with galaxy and the iphone.

We are only five months in.

We are seeing a really high experience device with android.

An intuitive android device compared to some of our competitors.

Ok, google looks like it is moving on, and motorola is happy also.

And then there was the purchase of the low and ibm --low-end ib m -- the low end.

It was said that lenovo has jumped the shark.

That is a curious way of putting it.

And this is what we heard from the head of the lenovo u.s. operations from last week.

We are number one commercial.

So we are going to leverage that.

Our customers ask us to expend -- expand more.

This gives us an opportunity to have a bigger portfolio.

All right.

The deal can serve as a lesson to another big company, and we are talking about microsoft, which is about to acquire another smartphone maker, nokia.

Microsoft has lost ground in the mobile software markets, but with nokia, this gets into hardware.

Can microsoft do the hardware- software dance?

There are a few things that are different about the nokia deal than the google deal.

They are in a position where they do have -- do not have anyone else, so they can start to well the hardware and the software together to get a different experience.

A big factor in trying to make this deal is figuring out who the next ceo of microsoft is.

Steve ballmer is retiring once the successor takes over, and if you have not heard, microsoft is having a hard time with this.

And a no from the ford ceo, so that is one guy off of the ceo list.

And another was elevated to a ceo spotify was rumored to be a successor, so that is two no's, and then there is another one where we are crossing our fingers.

We really are focused around here, and as long as the board supports me, i would want to stay here.

I think this is a fantastic company where we are going.

So close.

Is this a job that nobody wants?

There is still reportedly a

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