Morning Movers: JPMorgan, Dell, Tesla

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Sara Eisen and Scarlet Fu highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Our first morning mover has to be jpmorgan.

Shares are down slightly the premarket trade because even though the bank reported earnings and sales that beat analysts estimates, the concern if there was a low-quality beat that was driven by better presidents -- better provisions.

They expected $800 million, nine hundred million dollars.

That was one reason.

Also, management helped out the bottom line, and the accounting adjustment was off pier and also chris grisanti earlier , the book value did not go of all that much because of the bond.

It is a step below that level -- $40. the discount, perennially on sale.

We are going to talk warrants now on tv.

Another jargon alert.

Dell is in for good today.

-- in focus today.

We are all awaiting billionaire investor carl icahn's new bid which he told us at bloomberg television, trish regan on "street smart to go to expect a sweetened offer, including these words, he coveted validly -- he calls it a vastly superior bid.

Trichet a great job going through these three choices he can make.

Look for that on "street smart" this afternoon after we see his proposal.

Any minute a could be crossing.

Let's talk about tesla motors as well.

It is moving in the premarket.

Up slightly up .3%. the stock has been soaring nonstop.

It is building its model electric sedan faster than its initial 400 per week goal.

They expect the pace to reach 800 per week by late next year.

One must says there is increase in demand and the production skills are rising as well.

Rex victory lap for mr.


He was given beating up -- he was getting beaten up.

This guy nailed it going into the summer.

He is helped by the improving and autos in the united states as well.

Microsoft, you have got to be watching that one as analyst than shareholders i just the new reorganization that steve ballmer put out yesterday.

One microsoft it is called.

Get rid of some of the silos and divisions to foster innovation and growth and some of enthusiasm for microsoft.

Rick sherlund sounded optimistic.

He has focused on the cash portion.

We have got a view as of this moment.

This is from moscow.

It is the airport.

Can you see edwards noted their?

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