Morning Movers: Herbalife Faces FTC Probe

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March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Scarlet Fu highlights the news you need to follow for today's trading on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Morning movers.

We have a lot going on.

Herbalife is on the move again.

Herbalife saying the federal trade commission is looking into its business practices.

It is a civil probe.

They're moving up slightly, rebounding a bit from yesterday's lunch.

-- plunge.

I have to look up a peer amid scheme.

More money going out than coming in.

Let's talk about dollar general.

They make target look expensive.

It is just outstanding.

Down about 2.8%. the company came out with earnings -- the earnings were roughly in line.

Cop sales are up 3-4%. guiding down a little bit.

It begs questions.

What is happening?

The value segment of the industry is tough right now.

Walmart, target and grow -- they grow every year.

They are not updating, not investing in technology or their stores.

Customers are seeing bright and beautiful and the new big boxes and that is eating into the old chains.

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