Morning Movers: Goldman Sachs, IBM, Verizon, EBay

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Sara Eisen and Tom Keene highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."


Possibly on the red sox, possibly on the government in washington.

Looking forward to that.

With me, sara eisen.

Previously go.

She joins us this morning.

-- previously ill.

Starting with goldman sachs.

Otto mine looked decent.

Looking for earnings on $2.88. revenue line $2.6 billion missing the mark.

Fixed income currencies dropped off a cliff as compared to expectations.

One point two $5 billion.

This is goldman sachs money maker.

The stock is lower.

Another company on your radar today is ibm.

Sales fell for the sixth quarter in a row.

We know that ibm is trying to shift into the higher-margin software and services part of the business but not making up for the slump in sales and services and traditional software.

Full disclosure.

You wonder what jenny rama d is doing.

She jumps into this.

On her watch so far has been failing.

Economic reforms.

That makes no sense.

Why is she wrong about china business dynamics?

The chinese economy is slow, but this is old news.

The reforms will shift into new sectors will need information technology and software, as well as hardware from ibm.

Chinese sales tumbled more than 20% for ibm.

Sounds like it is more specific to ibm.

Talking about news specific to verizon.

77 earnings per share.

Consensus was $.74. capital expenditure at the high end of the range.

Perhaps not waiting for gdp to pick up.

Speaking more to the demand for products, especially the role in the explosion of mobile devices and demand for bandwidth.

Ebay saying sales and profit forecasts missed analyst estimates.

That stock is down in the premarket.

This is ahead of the key shopping season for ebay.

Dramatically reseller rating e- commerce growth tom a which is sort of worrisome signal.

A lot of strategists have called this.

A lot have suggested a soggy time.

Strategist suggesting caution before the optimism of next year.

Washington resolving the 16 day standoff.

Taking a look at the tea party.

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