Morning Movers: Cisco, Crocs, Wal-Mart

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Alix Steel and Tom Keene highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Looking at a 12% plunge in cisco shares in the premarket, the most actively traded individual company stock with about $35 million of shares changing hands.

Cisco giving a disappointing outlook, citing revenue this quarter could fall as much as 10%. analysts were looking at growth rate at couple of reasons why.

Emerging market weakness.

Nsa surveillance prompted a level of uncertainty about certain -- from certain international customers, namely china, and the federal government shut down.

I am looking at crocs.

Usually this embattled retailer -- just something terms of the stock but it is up this morning.

Blackstone is in discussion with a company looking for alternative deals like estate sale or joint venture.

Blackstone and kkr word to other firms against the bid but the question is who would want to buy crocs.

90% of their cash overseas.

They are trying to expand overseas as well.

It is hard to find synergies with a company like this.

One of our producers said maybe dekkers him of the maker ofugs, -- of ugs.

They make fur-lined boots in russia but they are not all about the crocs.

I don't know, crocs boot.

A branding issue if nobody knows what they do.

Wal-mart just came out with earnings at the top of the hour and the stock is down 1.5% and trading right now.

Third quarter revenue missing estimates and comparable sales unexpectedly dropped in walmart lowered the top and then the full-year forecast.

It said its priority is growing revenue and comparable sales.

Fascinating earnings report.

Much more on this through the morning.

I am sure trish regan and pimm fox will have it in the afternoon as well.

Facebook shares also trading lower.

Remember, facebook was trying to bind -- bysnapchat and they were

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