Morning Movers: Apple, Yahoo, JetBlue, Oil

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Cristina Alesci and Tom Keene highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

And cristina alesci.

Loaded with cash.

And using a little bit of it.

Not that much, $350 million of cash being put to work i apple.

It is buying israel's prime sense.

It is used in the connect a game company by apple.

They're making this move in the stock is moving a little higher, but not much of a dent from apples 140 $7 billion cash hoard.

Lots of cash.

-- from apple's $147 billion cash hoard.

That has a stalker little bit higher this morning.

You have to wonder how much cash is out going to spend to bring over talent and how expensive is it going to be?

The stock is at 37. marissa mayer gets a massive victory lap for the moonshot.

It is because of her.


Owns a stake in ali baba.

You know it has nothing to do with katie couric.

Another mover this morning, jetblue slightly down because it was cut to underperform at raymond james by and neck with the analyst.

Jetblue is kind of a winner in the airline battle that we have seen.

All the consolidation.

They're basically launching service to compete with american u.s. airways and getting into the big boy game anyway.

The linking jetblue to commodities.

Crude oil, whether you're talking about brent or crude, calling for a freeze in sanctions.

Six months out.

We see oil moving quickly on that.

We see a long-term charter on that.

Many times before, up up we go.

Where is the fair price of rent?

We are at 107 for this year.

Based on the view that you're going to get a million barrels of iranian crude back in the market sometime in 2014. that is so what some traders are expecting.

He look at this deal and they say all the sanctions are going to be removed, hence you have a massive supply glut with iran crude coming back on.

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