Morning Movers: Apple, Nokia, JetBlue Airways

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Sara Eisen and Tom Keene highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Opening cases in some of these.

We are going to be discussing it amongst ourselves and our in- house analysts.

Betty liu, "in the loop" is coming up in :00 eastern time -- 8:00 eastern time.

A lot of division over this is a good news or bad news story for apple.

The stock wavered.

The main take away is that it is forecasting lighter than estimated gross margins.

Holiday shopping will be slower than anticipated.

A lot of?

Seer, especially as apple gets ready -- a lot of question marks here.

Nokia is coming out saying that its loss is never were than analysts were estimating.

Job cuts, site closures helped offset the sales problem at nokia.

This, just as the mobile unit is being sold to microsoft.

That first whiff of corporate actions to set up for next year, whether it is sears or nokia.

Or jetblue.

They want to cut down the near- term spending after third- quarter estimates missed.

It is all the same theme.

We are still in cost-cutting mode.

The revenue growth has been weak.

If we look at the earnings season, it has been light of the consensus.

Cost discipline has aided.

It is kind of what we previewed.

The numbers are still too high.

Quickly, is 2014 a single digit year or do we get more celebration like we got this year?

Earnings growth will be muted.

We have about 5% earnings growth in 2014. you will lead more multiple expansion.

Adam parker, morgan stanley.

Coming up, our agenda is next.


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