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April 11 (Bloomberg) -- Lucy Macdonald, Chief Investment Officer at Allianz Global Investors Europe, discusses the worldwide economic outlook and her subsequent investing strategy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Congratulate you.

Three years ago this was an idea.

You said, how about a conference in dublin?

Take me from three years ago until today.

You have the hottest people in tech and d.c. here.

This is incredible.

Three and a half years ago i was in my bedroom and i had an idea, most of the most disruptive technology and the world -- behind twitter or facebook, they never get time to hang out with each other.

So i tracked these guys down, and i said, do you want to come from -- for a pub crawl in dublin?

They came here from jack dorsey, to the creator of youtube and the creator of skype, and over the last three years 150 of these guys from china and russia and europe spend three magical days in dublin, going from pub crawls to dinner.

In the last few years the conference has gotten crowded, every magazine and start up has wanted to do this.

What risk do you run that you are over relying on this?

There is a german this amount of conferences, in 2010 when we started we had the bankers and the side event, that anyone could buy a ticket to.

400 people showed up to hear from the guy behind twitter, jack dorsey, and three years later that had grown to 10,500 people, most of whom flew away from -- flew in from 97 countries around the world.

I don't know, if this is getting a bit frothy.

Do you think that this is?

I hope not.

I think hardware and software are disrupting the world at a pace we have never seen before, so 20 years ago when people went to a technology conference, that conference focused on the computer and the terminal sitting inside an office.

Now my grandmother is on her third ipad, 87 years of age, and technology is affecting everybody.

It is creating more customers and more opportunities.

You don't feel that innovation is getting a little bit overused, it seems that everyone with a dot com or disrupter -- everyone wants to buy tickets to what they are selling and skeptics are stunning to say, we will always have disruptors.

This is very interesting.

One month ago, 50% of the companies in silicon valley -- we said that they are silly.

The same is true for any company in the world but for all of those silly companies, you sometimes get a good company.

And the difference now and 15 years ago is that a starter company requires so little capital, it requires two guys and then ipad, and they can get going and if it does not work out, the cost of failure is not as high as it was 15 years ago.

One of the big changes i am seeing is that you see companies emerging from croatia and finland and think about europe, the biggest gains right now in the app store and on google play are from european companies, two of them from helsinki.

This is just mind blowing.

You are changing your game and getting into the business -- conferencing to me is a very analog and antiquated business.

When i came into conferencing, i had a background in software but not in conferencing.

I was very struck by the first few years, all of these exhibition companies were run without any technology whatsoever.

They just invited people and everyone mattered, there was no hardware or software changing or improving that experience.

You go to an event and you want to extract value.

You don't have to meet the right people but with 10,000 people in the room, how do you find the right people?

That is part of the reason we have gone from 400 people to essentially the fastest growing technology conference in the world.

Paddy, we will leave it there.

We have extraordinaire people here today.

What company or what person are

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