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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” A&G Capital President & CIO Hilary Kramer, Tangent Capital Partners General Managing Partner Bob Rice and Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman, Matt Miller and Rachel Crane wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Rachel crane is with us.

Bob rice, a frequent guest on our programs.

And our closer, hillary clinton number -- hillary cramer, still with us.

2013, asia's weakest market only slightly worse than thailand.

They closed 6.7% down from last year.

Despite the weak stock performance, the ipo market is gaining traction.

The commodities regulator just approved the plan for five companies to sell shares.

The market had been frozen while regulators worked to clean up fraud and misconduct.

In the offering process, fit the company's -- 50 companies were deemed ready to sell shares in january.

I do not ever get the stories, right?

Amanda economy.

They will put you in jail or shoot you if you do not do what you want -- what they want to do.

Of easley china is a closed market.

We cannot go in there and buy shares area -- obviously, china is a closed market area -- a closed market.

They are turning to the well, debt management securitized products.

So to pure lending?

The old-fashioned way?


They do not want to deal with the stock market.

One of the interesting things about the shanghai index, it is very heavily rated -- as it moves to a consumer society, you would expect the growth to be in the consumer index.

Those overall numbers are not really surprising.

And maybe not reflective of what is going on in the economy.


It is hard to find anything that is overall reflective of what is going on the economy.

More sophisticated investors are looking at hedge funds on the ground in china.

Those guys know what is going on and that may be the smartest way to play it.

Tebow i think the chinese ruled that has now been lit did -- i think the chinese ruled that has now been lifted, one child per family, will change the consumer state and china and will counteract any fears over slowing growth in china.

You wait and see what will happen when there is two or three children per family.

They are creating their own future consumers.

You will have to -- you do not have to convince the russians to produce more.

You think the chinese are just shopping at the bit?

[laughter] it may be too late.

The demographics -- they will go through the equivalent of an elevator shaft if does not happen.

This is not about trying to help the people.

This new -- this have as many children as you want is about creating a consumer base in china.

And love.

Speaking of love, there is a great index we track very closely in new york city, and that is the love of real estate.

It will cost you $98 million for this 9000-square-foot apartment.

That is a discount from the $115 million originally asking.

Steve cohen having difficulty to sell.

By the way, that graphic -- from team america.

How creepy would it be if you got up to get a midnight snack?

I was looking at the address for this thing.

1 lincoln court.

So maybe we should pool our salaries together?


What about the staging?

Real estate, they always talk about the staging of things.

A rowboat in the living room?

And the art is not included with that apartment.

It would probably be much more expensive.

I think that art would really get him in trouble.

The art got him into trouble?

You are spending millions to get the feds off your tail, and then, by the way, i am buying a $16 million man it -- mansion.

I think the feds do not like that when people do bad stuff.

It reminds me of "the wolf of wall street." but we will not talk about that today.


Lavender put and said "hey, you are embezzling money -- vladimir putin said "hey, you are embezzling money.

I want more taxes for myself and our country." when he was imprisoned, his lawyers put billions of dollars in offshore vehicles outside russia.

The money is now under control of dutch foundations and it is unclear if he will get access to it.

There could be as much as 920 million dollars (the sale of his company in overseas assets.

I feel like he will -- he said that.

He has a lot of bills to pay.

Finding a fortune is an afterthought at this point.

He has been imprisoned for 10 years.

Stabbed in the face.

In the gulags.

He is happy to be out.

We have heard that from him.

He is certainly a changed man.

And he has learned a lesson.

The next time he takes a stake in an oil company, he will plan better.

I would say that he looks good.

Were you not shocked by how good he looks?

He looks healthy.

Maybe you fatten them up before you let him out.

Pr wise, it would not look good if you let him out and he looks on the edge of death.

Let's talk about social media.

Forget about tweeting.

A new study found that 20% of u.s. adults are using the photo website pinterest.


I do not believe that.

Twitter has higher rates of engagement with 46% of users going to twitter daily.

That is 13% for linkedin.

71% of responders use facebook, up from 67% last year.

I do not think the twitter relative use thing is really surprising.

Twitter is not a mass product.

It is really an niche roddick.

But pinterest?

Do you use pinterest?

Hillary, do you?

I do not.

But twitter is going higher.

The technical traders, they will bring that to $85. they are just fooling with everybody's head.

I want to tell you, there are more buyers than sellers.

The next two to three weeks -- we have been playing it all the way up.

All the way down?

They used back for christmas, and now we are -- did it set a record for the number of bear markets achieved within the time of its ipo?

I think it is grotesquely overvalued.

Pinterest or twitter?


Actually, both.

Never get confused between overvalued and stocks that are going higher.

It is going -- i don't. [laughter] we are talking about netflix.

Pe of 75. what is your take on netflix?

What you think of "house of cards?" netflix as technology that can leapfrog.

That is the problem inherent there, whereas twitter certainly also can become antiquated, but it just has to do with what stocks major players want to bring up, and there are billions of dollars all on the margins, just ready -- couldn't any stocks become antiquated at this point?

Even crocs?

You have that brand loyalty.

There is something to be said about the first entrants advantage, right?

At a certain point in time, everything becomes obsolete.

That is 1000% correct.

The question is can you make the money off of it before it becomes obsolete and i think in most of these cases the answer is no.

Even with netflix?

Net flux -- netflix has done a fantastic job.

And remember how they started off, competing with blockbuster.

All those physical stores.

Remember blockbuster.

Yeah, remember that?

Let me go to zap those.

What you call these?

-- let me go to zappos.

They are thinking outside the box.

The shoebox.

The ceo is going outside the traditional structure.

Zappos will operate without any job titles.

[laughter] employees can have a number of different roles in the circles.

Tony has been known to make radical changes in corporate culture and has invested his own money to transform downtown las vegas where zappos is headquartered.

I will tell you as someone who has worked for a company with no hierarchy and no bosses, they still exist and you can still get fired.

People who think there are no bosses do not understand human nature.

And you imagine when the first public company introduces this structure?

Is amazon next?

I do not think mr.

B's those will require -- i do not think mr.

Beozos will do that.

Will be ceo say i will make the same as the guy next to me?


I wonder if he uses zappos.

Do you?

It is an incredible service.

I do not because the shoes have to fit.

There is too much returning.

Or must be a lot of people who order and do not return them.

I wonder how much of the earnings revenue comes from that.

Like people who get groupons and do not use it.

It is almost like a hobby.

Hey, i ordered them.

They do not fit.

Ice in the back.

I want to know that it molds to my foot well.

I am not a crocs wearer.

That you can walk in it?


Do you have any crocs?

No, not my style.

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